Afuera es Noche.  Outside it's Night. Снаружи Ночь
Este proyecto da visibilidad al Tango Queer, con Lucas De BuenosAires por Vera Rossikhina.  This project gives visibility to Queer Tango, staring Lucas De BuenosAires by Vera Rossikhina. Этот проект создаёт видимость квир-танго в России. Lucas De BuenosAires в объективе Веры Россихиной.
Capítulo Uno: Moscú, 2017, canta FIFÍ TANGO Chapter One: Moscow, 2017,  FIFI TANGO sings Часть первая: Москва, 2017, поёт FIFI Tango

Outside it's Night from Vera Rossikhina on Vimeo.  Watch Video.

Outside it's Night. Inside, Lucas De BuenosAires gives a Queer Tango class in Moscow for those who dance, who share, who speak without words in a troubled land. This evening debuts a reworked version of a classic Argentine Tango, ""Por la Vuelta."" The contemporary rendition is by a diverse Tango Queer ensemble, who reclaims their space in music and uses it to voice their grief.

This project gives visibility to Queer Tango in Russia, staring Lucas De BuenosAires by Vera Rossikhina featuring the world premier of "Por la Vuelta" by FIFI TANGO. Tonight will be the official release at the 2017 Buenos Aires International Queer Tango Festival.