Dr. Lucas Lamata-Artistic Drawings


Here I include a selection of the drawings I have made since May 2016.

Pastel & Ink drawing, nr.1, September 2017

Watercolor painting, nr.1, May 2017

Wax drawing, nr.1, April 2017

Acrylic painting, nr.3, April 2017

                                                                       Ink drawing, nr. 1, February 2017

                                                             Color pastel drawing, nr. 1, February 2017
                                                                    (a portrait of Arturo, my sister's pet)

Pastel drawing, nr.1, January 2017

Acrylic painting, nr.2, December 2016

Acrylic painting, nr.1, November 2016

Color pencil drawing, nr.2, October 2016

Color pencil drawing, nr.1, September 2016

Pencil drawing, nr.1, June 2016

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