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Weapon Demonstration

Timeline: July 10, 2010 to July 21, 2010.
Current Version: 1.0

Made for: University Assessment: Game Balance

Screenshots: (NONE)

This lovely little Weapons Demonstration was made for a university assessment on Game Balance. This could range from anything to Character Balance, Level Balance or Skill Balance, but in the end, I decided to go with weapons, since everybody else was going with Characters. I tested out some of the games that were on offer by my friends, including something that was remarkably similar to HeroQuest or Talisman.

Included with this game are two Excel spreadsheets of the statistics for each weapon, one which was made as a proposition, and the other was actually used. A Word Document with all of my analysis, explanations and thoughts on how I went, along with how to decode the Excel Spreadsheets, and all of the changes I made to the Weapons as I went.
Luca Pavone,
2 Aug 2010, 05:47
Luca Pavone,
12 Aug 2010, 06:59
Luca Pavone,
25 Jul 2010, 04:25