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Shooting Gal(lery)

Timeline: May 1, 2010 to May 14, 2010. (V1.1 made on May 20, 2010)
Current Version: 1.1

Made for: Action 52 Owns!


Shooting Gal(lery) was game number 32 on the Action 52 Cartridge. Action 52 was amongst the first pieces of shovelware happen, with 52 absolutely detestable games. Action 52 Owns! was started by Arthur Lee (Aka: Mr. Podunkian), and he set out to call people together to take all of these games and make better, cleaner and fun(ner) versions of them.
I highly recommend you go check those entries out too, and you can find them in this thread over on TIGForums:

As for how I felt about this after making it, this is the first self motivated project I've seen to (near) completion, and it's a very simple one at that. I feel proud for being able to make a quick game in a hurry. Although, I do feel as though there is room for improvement.

Controls are explained in game, and don't forget to Press Enter if you have a friend to play two player mode, and have fun!

UPDATE: Menu Layout Changed, Crocodile from the Right appears properly, Venetian Blinds effect on exit!


Luca Pavone,
19 May 2010, 20:25