Even though basically I never left the southern hemisphere, and that the farthest I went away from my home in Pelotas/RS (Brazil) was less than halfway through my country (see map below), one of the things I like to do most is travelling. Visiting other places, meeting new people, getting in contact with other cultures, ways of living and world perspectives. I hope still to visit many other places in this lifetime!

I had the fortunate experience of living in São Leopoldo (satellite city of Rio Grande do Sul's capital) and Buenos Aires during my graduate sandwich grant, and also spent quite some time in Florianópolis and Garopaba in Santa Catarina in the summers and winters of about '03-'10 visiting my father.

Here is a small map of all the places I've been so far. This region is the southeastern area of South America. 

Below are some pictures of myself in some of my travels.

Garopaba, SC (Brazil)

At "Pedra branca" ("White Rock"), Garopaba/SC (Brazil)

Myself having a "mate" (my region's custom beverage) in Paysandú (Uruguay)

Having a "mate" (my region's custom beverage) in Paysandú (Uruguay)