My Astrobin Gallery - Other hobbies of mine: amateur astronomy and astrophotography. You can check out some of my pictures here.

Sanata - From my hometown Pelotas/RS, Brazil's and, dare I say, one of the worlds' most brutal (and best cost/benefit ratio!) junk food available! (link idea stolen from my fellow-in-bacon José Rafael Bordin)

Luana Alt's Portfolio - A great artist and a great friend as well!

Galaxy Zoo - How about seeing a galaxy for the first time, before anyone else? Billions and billions of galaxies are being registered by Hubbles' lens, and the limited numbers of teams of scientists have a hard time classifying them all. With real simple criteria and a few minutes you can not only help astronomers to identify our skies but also catch the first glimpse of many stars viewed by no other human.

Machado Assist - Cool gaming/film/etc. stuff!

Rainy Mood - What's not good to do while listening to the sound of falling rain? Very few things, I assure you.

Rainy Café - The above plus the background sound of a coffee shop. Customizable volumes and independent functioning. It actually improved my studying efficiency.

No Escape - Independent movie made fro and to Silent Hill fans by Nick Greenlee. As a huge Silent Hill fan since the first time I saw/played it back in 2003, and extremely dissatisfied with the recent game adaptations and movies, I must say that this is the best related work in a very, very long time. Transmits with great fidelity the initial feeling of the series, with a great new plotline and characters. A must-see for anyone who enjoys SH. Not for the faint of hearth, though.

Map of Metal - From blues rock to New Wave of Folk Metal, the best site to solve personal disputes on wich genre came first.