Soundcloud - I occasionally post some material there. Reeeealy occasionally.

YouTube - I rarely even touch this. But it's there if you wanna see some stuff.

White Trash - Marilyn Manson cover band. Yes I love Marilyn Manson, judge me all you will.

Erotic Funeral - A gothic/doom metal cover band we got together to play the classics of one of my hometown's most classic parties, Nocturna.


CUSCO Music & Sound - a soundtrack/SFX company I had with a great friend focused on the gaming industry.

K'harut - one of my most beloved bands. Love these guys. We played some prog-post-heavy-metal-whatever-we-feel-like.

My dear Ibanez S470DX

My musical taste ranges from delta blues to death metal, from tango argentino to depressive black metal. I am specially respecful and fond of traditional folk songs from around the world as a cultural token of a people's history.

I myself am a musician of some sorts, though given my academical duties I've had barely any time to play at all. Though I can play the acoustic guitar, bass, and "sing", my true love is the electric guitar. There's nothing for me like the feeling of improvising or playing over songs I like inbetween heavy studying. 


Between 2014 and 2015 I played in K'harut (left), a prog-post-heavy-metal-whatever band with some great friends. I loved it. We recorded a few homemade demos and a studio single (to which you can listen for free or donate us some change if you liked it!)

My first band, as vocalist.

Other than that, some noteworthy
band experiences were Ablaze (right), a melodic death metal project with great friends where I did the vocals; a Kreator and a Death cover bands in wich I played the guitar and did backing vocals also with awesome friends of mine, and Law Breakers (unnoficial name), where I played the bass with some fellows that proved themselves to be pretty awesome too (picture below).

Friends' music

Here are some of my friends that also followed the path of music - but to a much greater extent than me. Here's a humble homage to them.

A professional musician in the strict sense. Classical, experimental and contemporary music, soundtracks and such, the guy's like a multifunction printer of music. Even if you're not much into his songs, you gotta hand it to the guy for the dedication and professionality.

Oh, and he makes some sick midi controllers as well.

Great death metal band from my hometown Pelotas. They released a few demo CDs now and opened some big concerts recently (Dark Funeral, Morbid Angel... ring a bell?) Great guys, great music.

An awesome local gothic metal band that I know since my early teenage. Who knew I'd grow to befriend these great people? Great if you like Theatre of Tragedy, The Gathering, Tristania etc.