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Natural Bridges State Beach

Natural Bridges State Beach is a magnificent oasis of natural beauty located between the edge of the ocean and the outer limits of Santa Cruz.

Natural Bridges State Beach
2531 West Cliff Drive
Santa Cruz, CA. 95060

During fall and winter, Natural Bridges is home to one of the largest monarch butterfly over-wintering sites in the Western United States. Each year, from the boardwalk in the Monarch Preserve, you can see thousands of monarch butterflies clustered in the eucalyptus trees.

Spring brings warmer weather and low tides for viewing anemones, crabs, urchins, sea stars and other sea life. Moore Creek flows down to the ocean through a large area of coastal scrub meadows and along riparian, freshwater marsh and dune habitats on its way to the sea, forming a wildflower-covered wetland in the sand.

Summer offers opportunities to sunbathe, swim, surf, sailboard and enjoy the beauty of this special park. The beach is an excellent vantage point for viewing the remaining natural bridge, as well as shore birbs, migrating whales, seals and sea otters.