The swordfish has a fairly long body with large round eyes to start. It has two opposing fins, one crescent shaped and one rigid like the rudder on a ship. It has a broad, crescent shaped tail, along with fin-like membranes lining up on the upright portion of the spine from the tail to the head of the swordfish. It was named the swordfish due to it's distinct sword-like shape. Its snout (the sword) protrudes as a third of its bodies length. The swordfish can be found in a wide variety of colors from a brownish color to a greyish-bluish color. The belly of the swordfish is usually a tinted silvery-white coat.
    The swordfish has an incredibly physique weighing an average of inbetween198 and 330 pounds. However, larger versions of the swordfish have been caught; one in the North Atlantic at 1210 pounds, along with numerous other larger swordfishes. These larger swordfishes are approximately twenty-six feet in length, with almost ten feet bodies and sixteen feet swords.
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