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The poster session will be Monday evening during the reception.

Posters should be 30" x 40" as this will be the size of the foam core boards that they will be mounted on. Please do not bring them larger than 30"x40" or on 8.5"x11" pieces of paper. Each poster will be set on it's own easel so we can set them portrait or landscape.

Each poster presenter will also be given 2 minutes to speak during the workshop to present 2 slides about their work. Given the full agenda for the meeting, the 2 minute time limit will need to be strictly adhered to. The poster talks will be given during the other speaking sessions. Check out the Program/Agenda to see when you are scheduled to give your 2 minute poster talk. Most poster talks are on Tuesday & Wednesday.


Poster Presenters- please email the meeting planner your 2 slides by 2/22 so they can be compiled into one slide show for each session.

Please bring the posters to me or Connie Monday morning during registration and we will make sure they are mounted on the foam core boards in time for the poster session.

                                                                Poster Presentations

(Printable word version at the bottom)

                                              Monday, February 27, 2017 at 5:30 pm


# 1

Ian Pong



# 2

Ted Hartwig

Texas A&M

Progress on severe plastic deformation processing of bulk Nb and Ta tube

# 3

Pei Li


Investigation of large diameter Nb3Sn strand for accelerator magnet application

# 4

Chris Kovacs


Single-strand excitation for probing current sharing and ICR in Nb3Sn Rutherford Cable


# 5

Chris Kovacs


A stability phase diagram for YBCO Roebel cables at 77K with varying heat pulses and I/Ic 

# 6

Cory Myers


Influence of Zr addition on Jc and flux creep in (Gd,Y)BCO tape

# 7

Milan Majoros



# 8

Ibrahim Kesgin


High temperature superconducting undulators

# 9

Matthew Jewell


Auger Electron Spectroscopy investigation of delamination behavior in REBCO Superconducting Tapes

# 10

Robert Mumgaard


HTS as an enabling technology for compact high-field net-energy tokamaks


# 11

Brandon Sorbom


Radiation Damage in HTS

Invited Speakers:
Please check out the agenda/program by clicking on the "Program/Agenda" tab to the left to see what date you will be speaking and how much time you have been allotted to speak about your topic.

All presenters:
At the close of the meeting, if you are willing to share your presentation with the attendees, you may email it to the planner, Tiffany Pelletier at, and she will post it here. To make them easier to look through, please use the naming convention as shown: lastname_firstname_LTSW_2017

Please note that while the security for the LTSW17 google site is set to "anyone with the link", the site is now searchable because there's a link on IEEE, and can now be accessed by anyone that searches for it and finds the link through IEEE. Each presenter must make the choice for themselves whether that is acceptable, and each presenter is free to decide whether or not to post their presentation. If there is a particular presentation you are interested in, and it is not on the website, we would suggest you contact the presenter directly. An attendees list with email addresses is in your folder.
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