What does an eviction cost?
The costs depend upon a number of different items, including: process service fees, court fees, and sheriff fees. 

How long does an eviction take?
The average eviction will take between 4 and 6 weeks.

Do I have to go to court?
Only if your tenant responds to their Summons and Complaint and a Show Cause Hearing is scheduled.

Can I serve my own notice?
Yes, you are allowed to serve your notice. However, there is a specific procedure that needs to be followed in serving a notice. Using the wrong notice or failing to serve it correctly can cause your case to be dismissed.

How do I serve a notice?
The notice would be made out to all known adult occupants , a copy for each individual named, including one for "all other occupants", if named, is then physically delivered to the rental premises and a copy for each individual separately placed in the mail with regular postage affixed. When delivering a copy (s) to the unit, if no one answers your knock you may post the copies of the notice in a visible place (the door) and mail a copy to each named individual by regular mail (if your agreement says certified send both regular and certified).

What notice should I use?
There are four standard notices in the state of Washington. A 3 Day Pay Rent or Vacate is for rent only and cannot include anything else. A Three Day to Terminate is for Waste, Nuisance or Illegal Use, but only for drastic situations. A 10 Day to Comply is for behavioral problems or non-rent related money situations, such as late fees, notice fees etc. . A 20 day terminate is to end a month to month tenancy at the end of a rental period.There are exceptions to this when the property is inside the Seattle City Limits where the "Just Cause" eviction ordinance is in effect.

Can I talk directly to one of the Attorney’s?
You can talk with any of the Attorney’s but as we work on a set fee basis for each step of the process, meetings with the Attorney’s are done on their hourly rate and are scheduled directly through each individual attorney.

Can I come in and discuss things with my representative personally instead of over the phone?
Yes, you can make an appointment to discuss the matter in person, but you will need to have an appointment, so that we can make sure one of our attorneys is in the office at the same time. .

Do I have to join as a member of your organization?
No, there is no commitment or contract to sign. You are free to shop around and use us as little or as much as you would like.