About Us

Founded in 1982, LT Services, Inc., is a Washington corporation with over 30 years of experience in the industry. The company handles evictions in King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties. The company utilizes the services of two attorneys.  Services are offered on a set-fee basis. Cases that are complex and require more aggressive representation should be handled individually by an attorney.

Though clients have frequently asked us to handle tenant screenings and collections, we believe there is a possible conflict of interest in representing all three phases. Therefore, we have continued to focus solely on the handling of evictions and tenant related problems where with our combined expertise we can offer the best services possible.


As an eviction service we offer:

1. Expertise and advice on procedural matters;
2. Speed of process;
3. Set fee schedule – plus costs.

After more than 30+ years handling set fee evictions, we have a great deal of knowledge in handling the eviction procedures and we strive to give our clients the fastest and most economical results available.  However, we cannot give you legal advice, nor can we handle complex situations on a set fee basis.

Our policy, once a case has been started, is to contact our client at each step of the procedure – starting with letting them know when their tenant has been served with the Summons and Complaint. We confirm when the response date is and the date we contact the client to see if the case needs to proceed to court.  Please note for those clients that we process the Notice, there is an automatic follow up date at the end of the Notice time frame in which we contact the client again.  Should a court proceeding be necessary, a week after court we will contact the client again to see if we need to assist them in scheduling a date and time for a physical eviction. Many times, though, the tenant chooses to move or the matter is settled.

We strive to keep your eviction within the set fee guidelines and avoid trials whenever possible. However, sometime this is not possible. Certain situations are going to get set for trial or become heavily contested and when you have one of these types of situations you would be well advised to start out with an attorney rather than trying to “save money” by using an eviction service – who in the end may have to turn your case over to an attorney to handle on an hourly basis.

The following areas are frequently situations that should be handled by an attorney from the very beginning and not by an eviction service – they are:

Tenancies where the tenant has a lease/option to purchase; Tenancies where the tenant has performed work for the landlord on either their own rental unit or some other rentals; Tenancies between family members where the tenant has been given permission to reside in the unit by a now deceased, or now “incompetent”, family member; There are several other areas that can create heavily contested situations, which if the landlord is aware of them going into the eviction, is sometimes well advised to discuss the problems with an attorney to see if it can be handled as a set fee procedure or not.

LT Services, Inc. has an excellent reputation within the industry when it comes to handling standard evictions. We strive to keep our clients satisfied, but in order to do that we always need to have full information leading up to an eviction. Choosing not to disclose all information in the hopes that the eviction will “just slide through” is not fair to us or to yourself, because it usually surfaces eventually and often at the wrong time.