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posted Oct 4, 2010, 5:55 AM by Ray Gman

My bad!  Apparently, the LTD already has all of the requested accounts added to it, so the previously provided figure is close to accurate.  This is good news, since the current tally already comes to 766 videos.  I removed a few that were not relevant to the Movement or TVP and more will likely be found and removed once I have the time to more carefully go through them all.  I am also likely to find more accounts to add before this is over, so the number is continually 'subject to change'.

Shortly after I help my mom pack up her car and begin her journey back home, I'll probably pass out for a half a day.  When I get up, I do have some things around here that I've been putting off and have to attend to before I can immerse myself in all of this.  But once I'm free of those chores, I'll get right to work to finish the prep for the first few videos we will need to look at.  It'll likely be after the next LT meeting when we get started.

As each video becomes settled (only one 'official working location' with all others merged with it), they will immediately become a part of the Final Proofreading project and be opened up for the English Proofreading Team.  Once they are satisfied with their results, the video will be re-opened for all translations, with those who already had some or all of it done able to send in their own proofreading teams to do the same against the corrected English text.

The English Department will also be carefully resetting timestamps, as needed, to bring them in line with the LingTeam's recently chosen guidelines, so please be patient if you have to wait a while for it to be re-opened for you to continue or begin new work on each.  Remember, we're all in this together and the goal here does not revolve around any kind of competition to get it done sooner than what it takes for us to simply get it right.

For anyone who still is not sure where this all fits in with what we've been doing all this time, I'll try to summarize it here.

The API behind the Linguistic Team Dashboard (LTD) is providing us with the means to construct a major Zeitgeist Movement website (a special area of the LingTeam's website) that will serve as a World Theater for anyone who wishes to watch any of the videos we have been and will eventually handle here (similar to  They will not have to be a member of the movement to take advantage of this offering, which means that some of them will be using it to initially learn all about the direction of the RBE, TVP and Movement tenets.  The presentation of all of our hard work within this Theater is the goal of everything that we're doing.  For this reason, our results must be as close to perfect as we can get them.

I've been working with the Dev Team for months on the development of this (and much, much more for the site) and we're at the point in the planning where the necessary approach to the coding needed (front-end, back-end and member interface) is becoming increasingly clear.  This means we're nearly ready for alpha testing of these ideas for putting this all together.  It's still a far cry from being able to put something up for public testing, but that's not the point.  We're going to need a few videos that have numerous translations already done and proofread for these trial-runs to get any bugs worked out and improve our understanding and abilities with the newer technologies we're looking to use for all of this.    :D

The LTD also provides us with a near-perfect tool for cleaning up the insane mess we've made of the dotSUB landscape.  Multiple instances of the same videos, with some of them broken up in to multi-part uploads and many of them containing duplication of work (unnecessarily made incompatible by different English transcriptions with different timestamps) all need to be brought together into single 'working locations' so that the results of everyone's hard work can be made readily available to everyone in the world within the eventual LT Theater.

Georgy, one of the Dev Team members, is providing some tremendous help towards the handling of the above mentioned incompatibilities by coding some server-side apps that will allow us to quickly and easily merge subtitles from normally incompatible uploads.  Members with  program development experience and a twisted mind are more than welcome to join the effort to help create these.  Just let me know that you have the interest.

See you all after I catch some badly needed sleep.

LTD Update

posted Sep 28, 2010, 5:50 AM by Ray Gman

Ok, about 30 accounts were just added to the dashboard yesterday.  It brings the total number of videos linked to the dashboard up to just under 780.

I'm hoping that the other 30+ accounts that I requested will be added within the next day or two.  Once that happens (1200 - 1400 videos?!?!?), I will go through the Priority List we have in this site and try to add all additional links to the top items so we can take a real good look at what we have to work with.  Hopefully, the Dev Team is also making progress on the server-side apps I've asked them to create to help with the task of manipulating & merging various translations into single 'working locations'.

On his upcoming Radio Address this Wednesday, Peter will be promoting the need for everyone's help with this project (among other LingTeam topics), so maybe we won't have many issues that can't be relatively quickly solved.  Time and patience will tell.   :D

LT-PMS site launch

posted Sep 15, 2009, 5:02 PM by Ray Gman   [ updated Nov 4, 2011, 1:09 AM ]

This LT-PMS site is an attempt to find an easy method for keeping track of the dotSUB Cleanup project and also to provide a central location for all of our Progress Reports, but may be useful beyond that with all of the projects moving throughout the global Linguistic Team activities.  Any and all feedback is strongly appreciated as we try out it's features.

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