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Peter Joseph on RT: War and The State (2012-02-12) 6:47 HERE HERE

Jacque Fresco-Language in Transition, Research, Animal Testing, Energy Comparison-Oct 25, 2011 14:09 HERE HERE

TEDxOjai - Jacque Fresco - Resource Based Economy 8:10 HERE HERE

Jacque Fresco-Conscription of War Industries, Social Protest-Oct 9, 2011 15:08 HERE HERE

Jacque Fresco-Questions, Participation-Aug 7, 2011 14:51 HERE HERE

Jacque Fresco Talks about Jealousy and Love 7:24 HERE HERE

A Search For Solutions - Interview w/ Matt Berkowitz 31:31 HERE HERE

The Zeitgeist Movement - "Defining Peace" lecture 1:29:15 HERE HERE

Jacque Fresco-Total Enclosure System-June 30, 2011 10:27 HERE HERE

Jacque Fresco-Looking for justice will kill you 7:39 HERE HERE

It's Time to Change: Economy 5:01 HERE HERE

It's Time to Change: Education 5:47 HERE HERE

It's Time to Change: People 7:38 HERE HERE

Sue Vixi - Linguistic Team International - London Z-Day 2011 19:25 HERE HERE

PJ on RT: Money, Debt and RBE (2011-12-02) 12:47 HERE HERE

It's Time to Change 4:58 HERE HERE

Jacque Talks on Social Change 0:32 HERE HERE

TZM Regional Townhall Meeting 2011, June 21 in LA, CA 59:22 HERE HERE

"Paradise or Oblivion" official trailer 2:56 HERE HERE

Designing the Future 13:20 HERE HERE

Jacque Fresco-The Mechanistic Point of View 2:37 HERE HERE

Jacque talks on "Science and War" 1:30 HERE HERE

Jacque Fresco-Letting Go 2:03 HERE HERE

Jacque talks on Research & Development 2:19 HERE HERE

Jacque Fresco - Teaching creativity 4:00 HERE HERE

Jacque Fresco talks: Being Responsible 2:26 HERE HERE

The Venus Project-Changing Values, Self-Appointed Guardians, Democratic System 2:55 HERE HERE

Jacque Talks: Generalism and Change 0:49 HERE HERE

Jacque Fresco-Building Cities-"Future by Design" extras 6:37 HERE HERE

The Venus Project-Scarcity, Justice, Transition, Resource Based Economy 7:00 HERE HERE

No Utopia 1:01 HERE HERE

Democracy, technocracy, the free market or the scientific method for social concern? 15:13 HERE HERE

Why don't you Change? 7:05 HERE HERE

Zeigeist: The Movie 2:00:27 HERE HERE

Peter Joseph's Response to "60 Minutes" / Brooklyn Co.Expo 19:03 HERE HERE

Jacque Fresco-Conflict Resolution-Nov.13, 2010 11:15 HERE HERE

Peter Joseph's "When Normality Becomes Distortion" 43:35 HERE HERE

The Venus Project Tours with Jacque Fresco 4:54

Jacque Fresco-Human or Robot Systems-July 4, 2011 15:17 HERE HERE

Jacque Fresco-Corrupting Factors, Social Responsibility-Feb 14, 2011 9:11 HERE HERE

Roxanne Meadows on Human Behavior - Z-Day 2010 16:44 HERE HERE

Andrew Buxton - TVPDesign | London Z Day 2011 41:43 HERE HERE

Jacque Fresco-Technocracy, City Strategies, Sourcing Information-Feb. 9, 2011 15:42 HERE HERE

Peter Joseph: Arriving at a RBE 56:59 HERE HERE

Peter Joseph's "Where are We Going?" 2:00:39 HERE HERE

Jacque Fresco on RT: Truly Free People 11:14 HERE HERE

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward Press Conference 56:50 HERE HERE

Jacque Fresco-Expectations-Dec 28, 2010 11:40 HERE HERE

Psywar 1:39:01 HERE HERE

The Zeitgeist Movement Orientation Presentation
1:37:05 HERE HERE

Peter Joseph Interview by Eerie Investigations (2008-11-29) 45:39 HERE HERE

J. Fresco and R. Meadows on "On The Edge, with Theo Chalmers" 1:39:57 HERE HERE

Peter Joseph on 'Russia Today' Sept 14th '11 16:20 HERE HERE

RT News 2011-09-24: Venus Project to bring peace 6:43 HERE HERE

Jacque Fresco-Technology & Unemployment-Dec.12, 2010 15:38 HERE HERE

James Phillips - TZM Education - London Z Day 2011 19:39 HERE HERE

PJ on RT: Redesign of the sustainable society 10:56 HERE HERE

Jacque Fresco-Decisions-May 15, 2011 6:06 HERE HERE

Peter Joseph Speaks at Occupy LA 23:12 HERE HERE

Ben McLeish's 'The Future of Economics' 1:12:38 HERE HERE

Charlie Chaplin: Zeitgeist Remix 4:53 HERE HERE

Amazing Speech By War Veteran 4:38 HERE HERE

Zeitgeist: Addendum 2:03:06 HERE HERE

Peter Joseph's 'Social Pathology'
1:44:52 HERE HERE

Zeitgeist: The Summary 10:53 HERE HERE

Peter Joseph: Message to Occupy Wall Street & The World 8:45 HERE HERE

Ben McLeish - The Innovation War | London Z Day 2011 44:35 HERE HERE

Ben McLeish Presents - Futurists, Technology and Cultural Lag 40:20 HERE HERE

RT News 2011-10-27: Peter Joseph on Media & Occupy Wall Street 7:25 HERE HERE

Jacque Fresco-Free Will-Nov.2, 2010

Introduction to a Resource-Based Economy (TEDx - Peter Joseph) 18:49 HERE HERE

Peter Joseph's 'Where are we now?'
1:08:55 HERE HERE

Fresco-Collapse, Transition, Politics, Systems Approach - July 26, 2009 9:27 HERE HERE

Jacque Fresco on 'Telepathy and the Spiritural World' 6:51 HERE HERE

PJ on RT: 'Moving Beyond Money' interview 9:36 HERE HERE

Jacque Fresco's full interview with Larry King, 1974 42:15 HERE HERE

The Venus Project - Resource Based Economy

TVP on the idea of a Research City in South America 3:10 HERE HERE

Future By Design 1:28:53 HERE HERE

Jacque Fresco snippets from Zday NY 2010 9:59 HERE HERE

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward - Official Trailer (Extended) 5:56 HERE HERE

TZM - Common Objections, Observations, Responses 20:53 HERE HERE

Jacque Fresco's New Zealand Television Interview, April 2010 5:53 HERE HERE

We Are One Planet - Z-Day 2011 2:53 HERE HERE

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward (Unofficial Trailer) 3:03 HERE HERE

Z-Day 2010 Opening 7:39 HERE HERE

Jacque Fresco Introduction - Earth 2.0 Series [HD] 1:38 HERE HERE
Jacque Fresco on Money - Earth 2.0 Series [HD] 1:40 HERE HERE
100% Yes
Jacque Fresco on War - Earth 2.0 Series [HD] 2:16 HERE HERE
100% Yes
Jacque Fresco on Politics vs Science - Earth 2.0 Series [HD] 1:22 HERE HERE
100% Yes
Jacque Fresco on Religion - Earth 2.0 Series [HD] 2:14 HERE HERE
100% Yes
Höskuldur Eyjólfsson's 'Ashamed of being human' 27:36 HERE HERE

I Refuse to be Terrified 2:30 HERE HERE

RSA Animate – Crises of Capitalism 11:12 HERE HERE

300 Years of FOSSIL FUELS in 300 Seconds 5:38 HERE HERE

TZM Response to FBI Targeting Political Activists as Terrorists 8:07 HERE HERE

TZM Responds to Egypt and the Wikileaks Fallout 12:57 HERE HERE

Religion - by bkboy 6:35 HERE HERE

Fresco 11:40 HERE HERE

Jacque Fresco on "Problems of Values" (May 3, 2011) 13:58 HERE HERE

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward (Official 2011 Release) 2:41:24 HERE HERE

RSA Animate - The Empathic Civilization 10:37

Why I Advocate The Zeitgeist Movement - Peter Joseph 5:47 HERE HERE

The Redesign of our Mind 4:05 HERE HERE

The Zeitgeist Movement Response to Media: Death of Osama Bin Laden 5:48 HERE HERE

The Venus Project Movie Donations 3:53 HERE HERE

Doug Mallette's 'Our Technical Reality' 49:46 HERE HERE

Awakening - by Douglas Mallette 31:32 HERE HERE

Jacque Fresco on the Discovery Channel 3:20 HERE HERE

Jacque Talk Series - 2nd Edition 8:37 HERE HERE

Who is Peter Joseph? 49:31 HERE HERE

Jacque Fresco on the problem of superstitious ignorance 7:34 HERE HERE

Jacque Fresco's New Zealand Television Full Interview, April 2010 25:04 HERE HERE

My City Is The World - by Rawadjihad 1:59 HERE HERE