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Arabic Team

posted Sep 22, 2010, 8:59 PM by Ray Gman   [ updated Jun 15, 2011, 2:24 PM by salma anwar ]

Arabic Linguistic Team Progress

In Dotsub

 Video TitleProgress Working/Repository/Youtube location 
Zeitgeist: Addendum Finished RL: Here
Zeitgeist movement responds to death of Osama Bin Laden Finished WL: Here                 Youtube: Here 
Religion - by bkboyFinishedWL: Here                 Youtube: Here 
I Refuse to be terrified FinishedRL: Here                  Youtube: Here
The Redesign of Our Mind FinishedWL: Here                 Youtube: Here 
RSA Animate - Crisis of Capitalism FinishedWL: Here                 Youtube: Here
RSA Animate - The Empathic CivilizationFinishedWL: Here                 Youtube: Here 
We Are One Planet - Zday 2011Finished WL: Here                 Youtube: Here
Zeitgeist: Moving Forward - Official Trailer (Extended)FinishedRL: Here                  Youtube: Here
Z-Day 2010 OpeningFinishedWL: Here                 Youtube: Here
Charly Chaplin: Zeitgeist RemixFinishedRL: Here                  Youtube: Here
Jacque Fresco Talk SeriesFinsihedRL: Here                  Youtube: Here
The Zeitgeist Movement Response To FBI Targeting Political Activists As TerroristsFinishedRL: Here                 Youtube: Here
The Zeitgeist movement Responds to Egypt and the Wikileaks Fallout In Translation (53 %)
WL: Here 
Zeitgesit: Moving Forward (Official 2011 Release)  In ProofreadingWL: Here

In Pootle

 Project Title Progress Working Location Observations
 Activist Orientation Guide 41 % Here Awaiting Peter's Updated Version
 Designing The Future 19 % Here 
 Main Website  6 % Here 
 TVP 2011 Calendar 100 % Here Awaiting Proofreading (though the year is almost over :))
 TZM Newsletter  43 % Here Aug/Sept - Is Finished (Location: Here)
 Venus Project Site 58 % Here Awaiting Proofreading:

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