List of facebooks and other web locations where to promote the LTI teams:

 All Languages
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 Catalan; Valencian 
 Chinese (China)  
 Chinese (Taiwan) 
 English Transcription Team  
 Montenegrin (Slavic)  
 Norwegian zeitgeist norway FB
 Panjabi; Punjabi  
 Pedi; Sepedi; Northern Sotho  
 Portuguese (Brazil)  
 Sinhala; Sinhalese  
 Sotho, Southern  
 Spanish; Castilian (International)  
 Spanish; Castilian (Latino America)  

On the main page you can insert content related to your project including text, gadgets, forms, calendars, photos/illustrations and even YouTube Videos. With my page you can add your own personal gadgets related to the project. You can use the issues section to organize your projects open issues and can use gadgets such as the recent list item gadget to display that content in other areas of the site. Another way to utilize list pages is by organizing potential risks and open tasks in your project. Utilize a calendar and project documents to further organize your teams deadlines and important documents. If you need something heard by the whole team or would like to open the floor for an active discussion regarding your project you can use the discussion page. Lastly you can get instant feedback from your team members organized in a Google spreadsheet using the contact page.
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