Welcome to Linguistic Team International's Coordination Project Tracker

This site seems to have just about everything needed to keep track of specific projects and progress reports while keeping everything together in one place.  Lots of experimenting ahead.

Project Objectives:

The initial use of this site was to aid us in the dotSUB/Pootle cleanup and are now using it as a single location for the entire LTI to more easily keep track of all progress.  Keep in mind that the real LTI Member Portal should be ready soon for us to move in and set up house.

Some possible uses for this resource:
  • The most important activities can easily be 'piped' into this main Home page, or given their own.
  • Each Team will have their own Progress Report page to replace the ones that Google is eliminating.
    • If you are a coordinator and are unable to edit your team's page, let me know.
  • Each coordinator has their own "My Page" for keeping track of whatever you care to track.  As far as I can tell, you are the only person who can access your own page.
  • All sorts of page types can be added to serve us with much of what we'll need.
    • The Tasks page, hinted at in the right column, is one such example that we may choose to use later.
  • I added a blog for providing info on back-end developments.  I will try to find time to use it, but no promises.  :D
  • Lots more yet to discover!

Additional Uses for this site:

  • Use the New Suggestions page for suggesting new items to bring into the LT system.
  • (add anything else you'd like to get out of this Coordinator's PMS site)

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