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Articles and Appendices

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1.  The Rule of Law and Economic Growth:  Where Are We? 
     By Stephan Haggard & Lydia Tiede. 
     World Development
, 39(5):  673-685 (2011)

2.  Economic Development Assumptions and the Elusive Curse of Oil
     By Ryan Kennedy & Lydia Tiede
     International Studies Quarterly, 57(4):  760-771 (2013)

3.  The Rule of Law in Post-Conflict Settings:  The Empirical Record
     By Stephan Haggard & Lydia Tiede
     International Studies Quarterly,  58(2):  405-417 (2014)
     Summary of article at Political Violence@ a Glance

4.  Party Labels and Vote Choice in Judicial Elections
     By Craig Burnett and Lydia Tiede
     American Politics Research, 23(2): 232-  254 (2014) 
     Summary of article at London School of Economics Daily blog on American Politics and Policy

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