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May 2018

Gabby Jamieson’s Journey to Japan

When Cavalettes’ Directors Mrs. Abby Payne and Mrs. Laura Truett were asked by the American Dance/Drill Team to nominate one of the Cavalettes’ “very best dancers” to travel to Japan and perform at the Miss Dance/Drill Team Japan competition, there was no doubt who they’d select.

LTHS Senior and Cavalettes Captain, Gabby Jamieson, is “one of the hardest working seniors” Mrs. Payne has ever met. Mrs. Payne added that Gabby is “extremely talented, yet humble and kind” - all exemplary qualities the American Dance/Drill Team was seeking in “ambassadors representing the American Dance/Drill Team, Texas and the United States.”

The invitation - extended by Mr. Komatsu, President of Miss Dance/Drill Team Japan - affords Jamieson the opportunity to journey to Osaka, Japan for guest performances on August 1-2, 2018.  When asked about her reaction to the news of her nomination and selection, Gabby explains, “I started to tear up, and I was definitely in shock, but I was super excited.”

American Dance/Drill Team called for dancers “skilled in multiple genres [with] beautiful high kicks, advanced jazz technique, and exceptional dance skills of every style,” and while eager for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Jamieson is fully prepared to take part in this international dance performance.  Gabby believes that Cavalettes has not only “strengthened” her dance technique, but has also bolstered her confidence saying, “[Cavalettes] has given me platforms to really show myself in front of people [and] break out of my shell.”

As LTHS heads into its final months of school, Jamieson is “super excited” for her final Cavalettes’ Spring Show - expecting it to be “spectacular” and ending her final Cavalettes season “with a bang.” And while Gabby will have already graduated at the time of the competition, Mrs. Payne is confident that she will represent Lake Travis High School and the Cavalettes “with grace, merit and beauty.”

The Cavalettes wish Gabby Jamieson the best on her newest dance adventures and all that is to come for this accomplished dancer.

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