Red Rubies

The Red Ruby Dance team is a precision dance team who exemplify the pride and spirit of Lake Travis High School.  The dance team members are selected on the basis of dance ability, personality, character, academic success and showmanship.  Every Red Ruby receives valuable training in physical fitness, poise, self-discipline, social awareness, responsibility, leadership and dance.  

The purpose of the Red Rubies is to provide entertainment for the high school athletic events as well as for the local civic and social events of this area.  In addition, the Red Rubies perform as a dance auxiliary with the LTHS Cavalier Band, compete in various regional dance competitions, participate in the annual Cavalette Spring Show and participate in numerous camps and workshops that enhance the individual dancer as well as the team's performance. The Red Ruby dance team will have a comparable performance schedule in accordance to the Community and District events and activities.

Red Ruby 11th Line

The 2019-2020 Lake Travis Red Rubies were selected in December for the 11th Line.  

The Red Rubies attended ShowMakers Line Camp June 13-15th at the Embassy Suites San Marcos.  They spent time learning routines and taking leadership classes to prepare for the upcoming year.  During the week, they were evaluated on a home routine and camp dance performance along with learning all of their material for the upcoming football season.

Pictured: 2019-2020 Red Rubies with Master Class Teacher Sam Allen.

Throughout camp the girls were awarded ribbons for their individual performance in learning and technique sessions. Twenty-three Red Rubies were selected by ShowMakers staff for the All Star Team and were invited to perform at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  

Dancers selected to the All Star Team are:

First Row Left to Right: Kayla H, Audrey S, Layla B, Briannah N, Katy R, Gavyn N, Serena C. Second Row Left to Right: Riley M, Ella B, Carolina H, Jaice T, Hayden M, Ellie S, Alexis R, Allison T, Sophia El H. Third Row Left to Right: Michaela G, Maya M, Ariel D, Sierra S, Madison M, Luciana C, Kailey E, Hannah M

ShowMakers staff selected dancers from each team to receive a superlative award for outstanding leadership and hard work throughout camp. Dancers receiving the superlative award are Kailey E, Sopia El H, Michaela G, Hayden M, Hannah M, Katy R and Audrey S.

Sierra S and Madison M were selected as finalist for Miss SMA leaps and Ellie S and Katy R were selected as finalists for Miss SMA Turns. Ellie S was selected as a runner up for Miss SMA Turns out of all dancers at camp.

Left to Right: Sierra S, Madison M, Ellie S, Katy R

First Row Left to right: Kayla H, Audrey S, Ella B, Jaice T, Hayden M, Layla B, Briannah N, Katy R, Gavyn N, manager Avery W. Second Row Left to right: Senna S, Carolina H, Brooke L, Sophia El H, Jenna B, Madison M, Alexis R, Allison T. Third Row Left to right: Ellie M, Riley M, Katherine S, Ariel D, Hannah M, Kailey E, Ellie S, Jaya F, Bianca B. Fourth Row Left to right: Maya M, Makenna R, Sierra S, Michaela G, Elle M, Serena C, Luciana C and Chloe S.

As a team, they received a sweepstakes rating for their evaluations with an 85 or above on both performances! The Rubies received an outstanding performance award for both their home routine, performed and evaluated on the first night, and their camp dance performed and evaluated on the final day of camp.  Congratulations Red Rubies!