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Junior Dance Clinic

Cavalette Dance Clinic Fall 2017






Jr. Dance Clinic Parents,

Thank you all for sending your dancer(s) to the Cavalette Dance Clinic last Saturday. We had a blast and hope they did as well!!  We truly appreciate your patience as we are working out our new location details.

Below are the details we passed out at showoffs for drop off for the Homecoming Parade and Pep Rally. Plus the link that has the dance recorded for practice. Please have your daughter practice her routine at home a couple of times before the 18th.

Music Link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iebRtVlbQh4

Dance Link  https://youtu.be/Xwh2einbyZM 


Parking and Drop off for Oct. 18th see map on Page 2.


Come in Cavalier Drive and Park in front of the Annex.  There will be a station to the left of the Front doors to walk down to the gym 3-4 area to check in and change.  There will be food truck there to purchase food.  Bring chairs to sit in as you wait for the parade.  The parade route is also marked on the map with details about where the parade will pass. 


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to email or call. 


Thank you for dancing with us!


Junior Cavalette Dance Performance

Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017

If your plans change and you are unable to perform, please email 

Cavalette Director Abby Payne at paynea@ltisdschools.org by Monday, Oct. 16


Performance Attire: 

❖ Jr. Cavalette T-Shirt (You will receive it on Wed. upon arrival and check in.  Please be prepared to change directly into the shirt and have an arrangement made to give any extraneous items to parents or guardians.)
❖ Moveable Black bottoms (shorts, capris, jazz pants, sweatpants, etc)
❖ Tennis Shoes & Socks 
❖ Hair in ponytail with ribbon (Red, White, or Black)
❖ Homecoming Mum Wristlet (if purchased – Labeled with Name and Grade)




5:30pm:  Arrive in the LTHS Annex Link.  Parents K-5 will be given a Security Card name tag to exchange later for their dancer at pick-up after the performance on the South Side of the Varsity Stadium under the Scoreboard. Pre-Dance Team Clinicians will not need a security card; they will be dismissed after the performance.  Parents will be asked to verify a contact number for the evening.  Parents can watch the parade and move to Varsity Stadium for the Pep Rally. 


6:00pm: Dancers will practice in Gym 3 then load onto floats


6:30pm: Parade Begins


7:15pm: Dancers arrive at Stadium, stretch and get ready to perform.


7:30pm: Pep Rally Begins – We will perform at the beginning** No admission fees

After the Dance Clinic performance, parents please come to the South Side of the Varsity Stadium under the Scoreboard to exchange your Security Card name tag for your child. You will be able to return to the stands to watch the remainder of the Pep Rally after picking up your Junior Cavalette.

8:30pm (approx.): Pep Rally Finished


**Do not bring extra items i.e. Water bottles. These will be provided for your dancer and will eliminate lost items. If there are any changes due to weather we will notify you as soon as possible through email.

Thank you for choosing Cavalettes! 






LTHS Cavalette BC,
Oct 18, 2017, 12:10 PM