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Booster Club Committees

 Description and Responsibilities


This committee will assist the Secretary in corresponding with Cavalette Royale Alumni. This is a year long commitment.
•    Work with Secretary to create Alumni database
•    Produce Alumni newsletter 
•    Invite Alumni to Cavalette events/performances throughout the year
•    Reports to Secretary
(No Senior Parents)

 This committee organizes and coordinates everything related to the end-of-year banquet.
•    Decide location and menu
•    Send invitations
•    Collect money
•    Organize senior boards
•    Prepare agenda/coordinate speakers
•    Order Patches 
•    Senior gifts
•    Reports to 3rd Vice President
 Cavalette Dads


 This committee of DADS will assist the director with the preparation, transportation, set-up/tear-down, and storage of various props needed for performances. This includes props for football games, contests, Spring Show, etc.  Reports to 2nd Vice President. NOTE: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A MASTER ENGINEER TO BE ON THIS COMMITTEE. AGAIN, DUCT TAPE GOES ALONG WAY! WE NEED A BIG GROUP OF COMMITTED DADS TO SIGN UP HERE!

Duration of Time: Mostly during contest season (Dec. through Feb.), but some work might be required during Homecoming for Float and other various items during football seasons if props need to be built or moved. Spring Show hanging of decorations is also a requirement because they need dads on ladders to hang items.


 This committee consists of parents (2 per game, preferably one dad if possible) who will be chaperoning the Cavalettes during the football games. 

There are eight people working in pairs including the Chairperson.  Each group will be required to select four games to chaperone. There will be six home games, four away games and six playoff games if we go all the way to state again this year.  So it is possible you would not have to fulfill the full four game requirements if we lose in the playoffs at some point. Commitment is throughout regular Football season until playoff completion.
Committee Responsibilities:
•    Arrive at game One hour early (including away games)
•    Cordon off the Cavalettes area
•    Place bench covers on stands (with assistance from Cavalette Managers)
•    Sit at the back and middle of the Cavalette area to protect their things when they are out of the stands during pre-game and halftime,
•   Clean up the area at the end of the game (including putting away the bench covers with assistance from Cavalette Managers)
Assist with First Aid – including getting ice or other necessary medical assistance.
•    Assist Director with special tasks she needs completed at the game. 
•    Reports to 2nd Vice President 
 Contest Food


 This committee will plan and prepare the food/drinks for contest.
Committee responsibilities:
•    Coordinate food purchase/sign-up for competition day (lunch/dinner/snacks)
•    Prepare and serve food or prepackaged snacks
•    If out of town competition, may require further planning (i.e. restaurant reservations, pre-order menus, etc.)
•    Reports to 2nd Vice President
Duration of Time: Starts in December with planning, coordinating and purchasing once the contest dates are set.
 Costume Moms


 This committee will assist the director AT HER DISCRECTION with various uniform and costume needs throughout the year. 
Committee Responsibilities:
•    Must be available in January & February during school hours
•    Assist with field uniform check in/check out
•    Assist with Contest& Spring Show costumes check in/check out
•    Repair field uniform & other costumes
•    Assist with inventory of costumes/costume closet
•    Sew &/or procure costumes as directed by Director
•    Reports to 2nd Vice President & Director
NOTE: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SEW TO BE ON THIS COMMITTEE! (ALTHOUGH SEWING IS A BONUS)! There are many administrative tasks available.

 Dance Clinics


 This committee will be responsible for coordination of all three dance clinics.  The 3 dance clinics traditionally occur in October, January & April
•    Coordinate with Director/President for Clinic dates/times
•    Administrate Event Brite (online registrations)
•    Coordinate publicity efforts with Pamela Carroll
•    Work within budget
•    Schedule and plan the day’s events in coordination with the Director and Cavalette Officers (i.e. dances, lunch, games, etc.)
•    Reports to 1st Vice President 
Duration of Time: Year Long Commitment

Football Season Drinks


 This committee will take care of the drinks for ALL football games.
Committee responsibilities:
•    Buy the requested drinks on the list (from the Director)
•    Before each game, label and load the drinks into coolers (get coolers from the Director)
•    Ice down drinks in coolers
•    Deliver the coolers to the school/dance room for home game or to the bus for away games
•    Reports to 2nd Vice President
Football Season Food


 This committee will take care of the food for AWAY football games.
 Committee responsibilities:
•    Chairperson Coordinates with Director girls orders & delivery time
•    One parent per away game will place order with restaurant and schedule delivery. (Seniors provide a list of suggested restaurant choices, but chairman makes final decisions after coordination with Mrs. Payne).
•    Members coordinate payment with Treasurer each week
•    Reports to 2nd Vice President
Each Member will be responsible for 1 regular season game & 1 potential playoff game.
Duration of Time: Runs through Entire Football Season
Homecoming Mums


This committee organizes and coordinates everything related to helping the club members make Homecoming Mums for their daughters.
Committee responsibilities:
•    Establish a plan for mum design – (we have examples)
•    Meet with Seniors Officers to review design & material recommendations
•    Order/obtain all necessary materials 
•    Design mum sample and prepare instructions
•    Prepare all items in advance and package them for the mum making meeting
•    Give instructions at the September Booster Club meeting to the other club parents
•    Make mums for Directors, Garters for Band Directors & others
•    Chairperson Works with Director to execute the mum fundraiser
•    Reports to 3rd Vice President
Homecoming Parade Float

 Each year, the Cavalettes participate in the LTHS Homecoming Parade. As part of that experience, we want to enter a float that is decorated with the theme of the Homecoming Week. 
•    Develop the plan for the Homecoming Float,
•    Recruit volunteers (if needed) for preparing the float
•    Execute the decoration 
•    Dismantle the materials at the end of the parade.
•    Contact Ben Archer for use of Fire Truck
•    Reports to 3rd Vice President
Honor Gaurd for Cav Corps 

  This team of DADS will work with the director to coordinate and oversee the activities and assistance of the high school gentlemen selected for the Cavalette Honor Guard. At least one dad from this team will need to be at each Cavalette event (games, contests, etc.) to oversee and coordinate the Honor Guard. Report to 2nd Vice President.
Duration of Work: Primarily in football season, but there is some work during at contest with directing the Honor Guard with helping them coordinate the dance props.

This committee will aid the Historian in taking photos at team events/performances.  This committee requires a Digital SLR camera with at least a 200mm zoom lens.
•    Take photos at Cavalette events/performances
•    Upload photos to Smug-mug account
•    Assist Historian with Cavalette scrapbook

 This committee will coordinate the poinsettia sale (our largest fundraiser of the year), collect Cavalette orders and money, and keep total count (early November).  The committee will also organize the pick-up (Sunday following Thanksgiving).
Committee responsibilities:
•    Order plants & work with Grower
•    Prepare sale packets & forms 
•    Collect and record money and orders 
•    Turn in money with backup records to Treasurer weekly during sale
•    Accept delivery, schedule and supervise plant pick up (each Cavalette is responsible for her own deliveries)
•    Handle weekly/overall sale incentives given to Cavalettes
•    Reports to 1st Vice President
Rookie Tea 

 This committee will plan and prepare the Rookie Tea/New Parent Meeting that takes place in the spring after tryouts for the new team (Fall 2011 or Spring 2012).  The new Rookie Cavalettes are invited along with their moms. 
Committee Responsibilities:
•    Reserve the location
•    Purchase food/drinks/paper products
•    Plan agenda under direction of Director & President
•    Handle invitations to New Rookie Parents
•    Execute setup and cleanup
•    Reports to 3rd Vice President

Senior Board for Spring Show

  This Committee will be responsible for preparing the Senior Board on display at Spring Show 
•    Communicate with Senior Parents about Pictures
•    Prepare & decorate the Board
•    Works with Spring Show Chair & Director
Service Projects 


 This committee oversees the Cavalettes and Booster Club involvement in Community Service Projects.
•    Plan one service opportunity in Fall semester
•    Plan one service opportunity in Spring semester
•    May join in existing projects (ex. Race for Cure, Relay for Life, Habitat for Humanity) or plan new opportunists
•    Make Booster Club and Cavalette Members aware of community service opportunities as they arise
•    Reports to Officer Representative


 This committee will coordinate sponsorship activities to support the dance team and the booster club. The chair of this committee maintains all records and information regarding the sponsorship program. This is a year long commitment.
•    Work with Director & 1st V.P. to determine sponsorship levels & incentives
•    Produce sponsorship materials 
•    Ensure sponsors get appropriate incentives
•    Educate Cavalette families on an ongoing basis about how to solicit sponsorships
•    Conduct Sponsorship Drive in August 
•    Works with Spring Show Program Chairperson to solicit sponsorships
•    Reports to 1st Vice President
Spring Show 

 Chairperson oversees all of the Spring Show committees.  
Committees include:
•    Flower Sales
•    Concessions
•    Decorations
•    Ticket Sales
•    Program
•    Food – Cavalette Meals
•    Correspondence
•    Publicity
Chairperson works with Director, President & 2nd Vice President to organize the above aspects of Spring Show. Chairperson works with Director to design theme logo & décor. Refer to Chairperson notebook for all duties.
Duration of Time: Some initial work begins in the fall, but the majority of the work starts in the spring.

Spring Show Concessions

  The committee (can be a one-man show) prepares the concessions for sell at Spring Show.
Committee responsibilities are:
•    Collect as many donations as possible
•    Purchase the goods at Sams/Costco
•    Set up 
•    Stand is run by 2012/2013 Rookie Moms throughout the show
Spring Show Corespondence

 The committee (can be a one-man show) takes care of invitations/thank you notes regarding SS
Committee responsibilities are:
•    Retrieve VIP list from Abby 4 weeks prior to show
•    Mail preprinted invitations
•    Arrange for thank you notes to be composed (possibly have the girls write them personally for their program ad sponsors?) and write them to anyone else who may have contributed…these names tbd
Spring Show Decorations 

  In coordination with the Cavalette Director, this committee will decorate according to the theme, purchase and/or make decorations.  The decorations are generally assembled during Dress Rehearsal on Thursday before Spring Show.
Committee responsibilities:
•    Meet with Director
•    Purchase supplies
•    Decorate
•    Clean-up lobby on Saturday night after show
•    Reports to Spring Show Chair
Duration of Time: Some initial work begins in the fall, but the majority of the work starts in the spring.
Spring Show Flower and Program Sales

 This committee will coordinate items to be sold at Spring Show.  This includes flowers, and potential concession sales. This committee will also coordinate program sales.
Committee Responsibilities:
•    Order items to sell
•    Schedule workers: Most spots are covered by New Rookie Parents (required to work at least TWO showS); remaining spots WILL BE covered by veteran parent volunteers
•    Get buckets/trash cans for each girl (current team AND new rookies for the following year) and decorate the buckets
•    Video Orders (work with Director – she coordinates)
•    Get money boxes and change for flower sales (from Club Treasurer)
•    Work on pre-order sales
•    Reports to Spring Show Chairman
 Program Sales – responsibilities:
•    Organize new rookie girls/and or their parents to sell programs in the foyer at a table, and also a few people walking around selling.  They will need some cash/change.
Duration: This committee might do some work in the fall but the majority of the work will be in the spring.
Spring Show Volunteer
 This committee with work with Spring Show chair to assist in the various needs of the committee.   
Spring Show Program Ads

 This committee will collect ads from Cavalettes and layout the program for Spring Show (usually held in April). Computer skills are a must for these positions!
Committee responsibilities:
•    Send out renewal info. to businesses
•    Set Ad prices
•    Provide Cavalettes with sales information
•    Maintain records of Ads sold
•    Work with Sponsorship Chair to ensure sponsors receive incentives
•    Collect info. from director for team pages
•    Work with layout/printer on design & layout
•    Proof program before final printing
•    Deliver program for Spring Show 
•    Reports to Spring Show Chair
Spring Show Publicity

 This committee heads up the publicity efforts for the annual Cavalette Spring Show.
•    Reports to Spring Show Chair
Duration: Starts about two months before Spring Show and ends after Spring Show.
Spring Show Rehearsal Food

  This committee will provide snacks and food for Spring Show Dress Rehearsal nights (in coordination with the Director).
Committee responsibilities:
•    Organize after school snacks and dinner each evening to include Cavalettes and managers, new Rookies and tech crew.
•    Serve food and drinks
•    Clean up
•    Reports to Spring Show Chair
Duration of Time: Coordinating work in March and April and then serve the food and drinks during spring show rehearsal
Spring Show Set Up

  This committee with work with Spring Show chair to assist in setting up for annual spring show.  You will need to be available the week of Spring Show – especially Thursday Evening & Friday during school hours (up to show time)
Committee responsibilities:
•    Help the Decorations, Flowers, Concessions to set up & prepare for the Show
Spring Show Ticket Sales

  This committee assists the director with ticket sales for the annual Cavalette Spring Show.
•    Organize and execute reserved seating chart and ticket sales
•    Organize ticket sales for director by separating tickets for girls to sell 
•    Handle the collection of all ticket sale proceeds
•    Organize New Rookie Parents to sell tickets at the show 
•    Reports to Spring Show Chair
Duration: Starts about two months before Spring Show and ends after Spring Show.
Spring Show Study Hall

  This Committee will be responsible for chaperoning the study hall provided during Spring Show practices
•    Coordinate with Director for study dates 
•    Monitor computer lab – enforce school rules of lab
•    Coordinate with Debby Black for A/C
•    Ensure Cavalettes sign in to study hall
Tailgate Welcome Party


 This committee will plan the new Parent Tailgate party at the First or Second Home Football Game.

•    Plan food & drink
•    Secure Tailgate area, work with Evelyn Sorrels in Athletic Office
•    Setup & prepare secured area for party and ensure cleanup afterwards
•    Promote party during summer break
•    Reports to 3rd Vice President
Tryout Food

 This person will provide snacks for both line and officer tryouts.
Committee responsibilities:
•    Organize and serve snacks and drinks for judges, director
•    Purchase water bottles for girls trying out
•    Reports to 2nd Vice President
Duration: Primary work in March and April.