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Dallas based MetroPCS is the fifth largest facilities-based wireless carrier in the United States and offers no annual contract, unlimited wireless communications service for a flat-rate. 

1900 MHz (CDMA), plan to re-farm it to LTE late 2014
AWS-1 (LTE) 5x5, 22 MHz on average in its markets 

3G/CDMA reaches 280 million population \2012.08.08
4G/LTE (from 2010.09.21) ; 90% of its 3G footprint in June, 2012; 97% by the end of Oct. 2012
3-5 Mbit/s - average speed LTE network 2012.08

Ericsson for most LTE areas ..2012.07..
Samsung for some regions 2010.09

8.995 mil 2013.03.31
8.88 mil 2012.12
~9.3 million total \2012.08.08
7% of MetroPCS subs are currently on LTE plans or 0.7 million \ 2012.08.01 
8% of MetroPCS subs are currently on LTE plans \2012.08.01
9.5 million  total, including 0,75 million LTE connections \2012.06.13

3.5 mil LTE connections @2013.03.31 39% of total connections
3 mil LTE connections at 2013.03.01
2.2 mil LTE connections at 2012 end 
~1 million LTE connections at Sep.20, 2012
0.7 million LTE connections at Jul.2012
0.5 million  LTE connections at end 1q2012  

LG Connect 4G, 2012.08
LG Estreem, 2012.09
LG Motion 4G, 2012.08
HTC Wildfire S, 2012.08, not on site 2012.09 tbc
Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G, 2012.08 
ZTE Anthem 4G, smartphone, 2012.09

2012.08.21 Debuting unlimited (no throttling) LTE data plan + unlim voice + unlim texting for just US$55/month. Source
2012.08.08 MetroPCS has officially launched its VoLTE services, as well as SK Telecom (S.Korea). Customers in Dallas/Fort Worth has possibility to buy LG Connect 4G VoLTE-capable phone.
2010.09 MetroPCS communications Inc. commercialized America’s first LTE commercial network – and the world’s second. Samsung provided the turnkey LTE solution for the first LTE market of MetroPCS – Las Vegas. MetroPCS achieved success with early LTE launch through our end-to-end solution comprising enhanced Node B (eNB), Element Management System (EMS) and the handset. It took only seven months from the contract to the service launch.