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MTS, Russia

band 20, LTE800, 2x7.5 MHz; 798,5-806 MHz ; 839,5-847 MHz for FDD LTE, valid until Jul 25, 2022
band 7, LTE2.5-2.7, 2*10 MHz, 2540-2550 and 2660-2670 MHz, for FDD LTE, valid until Jul 25, 2022
band 38, LTE2.5-2.6, 25 MHz, 2595-2620 MHz (Moscow and Moscow region only, to launch LTE network before Dec.29, 2013, the concession is valid until Dec.29, 2016) 

FDD LTE band 7 and band 20, commercial from 2013-05-31
plan to install ~10 000 RBS 6000 LTE until 3q2016. 

TD LTE band 38, Moscow, commercial from 2012-09-01,
>2000 BS TD LTE in Moscow @2013.05.31
up to 2000 BS expected to be constructed by end 2012 - biggest TD-LTE commercial network in the world? Investments - US$30 million. Vendor is Nokia Siemens Networks. 

Ericsson (radio and EPC for Siberia, Ural, Povolzhie, Souther Region) ..2013.06..

Connection numbers
~0.01-0.014 mil @2012.12 estimation 

Huawei E392 in Moscow TD LTE network 
мобильный роутер
2012.09.17 MTS, Nokia Siemens Networks launch Russia’s first #TD-LTE #4G network. MTS secured the TD-LTE spectrum in the 2595-2620 MHz band in February but is also believed to be close to a deal with Yota