The vendors listed below are suppliers who have consistently provided good, authentic uniforms and gear to the members of the 508th PIR. We list them here as a place to start when you begin putting together what we call your "kit" in reenacting. As time and experience permits, we will add other vendors and suppliers who provide value.

As with any hobby, people who've been in it longer can always help guide you in getting started. Most of our members have had a great deal of experience in dealing with the vendors listed here, and they have been mostly positive experiences. However, we STRONGLY urge all new members to consult with any of our more experienced members before buying any uniforms or equipment. We can make help make suggestions or recommendations that can save you time and money!


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WWII Impressions. They manufacture well made reproduction WWII US Army uniforms and field gear.


At The Front. Another quality manufacturer of WWII US Army uniforms and field gear – highly recommended!


What Price Glory. Jerry Lee is an all around purveyor of quality reproduction WWII uniforms and gear, both US and Common Wealth.

War Relics. A good site for original uniforms and gear.

Garcia Aviation. They always have a good selection and price on original and some reproduction equipment.

 J. Murray Inc. A purveyor of finely restored U.S. M1 helmets and helmet restoration supplies for the do-it-yourselfer.

WWII Rations. Great personal item offerings such as soluble canned coffee rations, C & K rations and plastic mold for making D-Bar rations.

The WWII Soldier  Offers pre-printed ration boxes and other personal items the US soldier in WWII used. They also have razors and shaving items, period watches and some original items for sale.