The TORCH is the newsletter of the 508th PIR.  The TORCH is published quarterly and is made available for reading and downloading here. If you have some item of interest for our members such as research on the 508th PIR in particular or on the 82nd in general, contact Tim Learman to have it included in the next edition.

We always welcome articles from those who take their research seriously. So if you've written an article that you want to share with the group, contact Lt. Learman. All articles must be submitted electronically in MS Word or a like text application. If it's printed, you'll receive full credit with a by-line!


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The next edition of the TORCH is coming is scheduled to be out in October! In the meantime, listed below are past editions of the TORCH which you may have missed or want to download for your reference. Enjoy!

 The TORCH Summer 2007 


The TORCH Fall 2007 


The TORCH Summer 2008

 Lt. Learman looking for Germans in an abandoned building at the fall 2008 Torrance, PA event.