Membership in the 508th PIR is easy to start , contact information is listed below.

To talk to one of our members about joining the 508th PIR, please email one of the following people:

Tim Learman, 1st Lt. at:

Dave Horton, Sgt. at:

Rich Kay, MSgt. at:








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If you are interested in joining the 508th PIR contact us and let's talk! We'll be happy to answer any questions that you might have so you can decide if reenacting and the 508th PIR is right for you. Please be aware though that we do have some basic ground rules for membership:

1) You must be at least 18 years of age to join. There are NO exceptions to this rule. This is mainly due to insurance liabilities regarding the use of weapons and blank rounds.

2) You must be male.  Sorry, there were no women serving as paratroopers in WWII.

3) Physical fitness. You don't have to be a tri-athlete in order to join the 508th PIR. However, we do ask that all members be height/weight proportionate. The men who served in the 82nd airborne in WWII were very physically fit. In order to do an accurate portrayal of these men, it's important to at least give the appearance of being height/weight proportionate on a healthy scale. If you are in doubt, let's talk about it. All of our members agree to stay in good physical condition.

  Sgt. Dangel, Lt. Learman and Pvt. Cook take a quick break from talking to the public during the 2009 Sully Plantation WWII Weekend Living History event.

Above: T/5 Trolan boarding a C-47.