2012 Event Schedule of the 508th PIR Pathfinders
The 508th PIR strives to attend at least one living history or battle reenactment/tactical per month, events are being vetted for the Fall and will be added soon!

To the right you'll see the 508th's  schedule of events for the 2011. We update this calendar regularly as we learn of new events, so check back often or email us to learn more!


 Pfc. Cook displays the  thousand yard stare.

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July 13 - 15: Sully Plantation WWII Living History Weekend!
September 14 - 16: Eisenhower Farm WWII Weekend - Gettysburg, PA.
December 3 - 4: Siegfried Line Event - VA. - TBD


MSgt. Kay teaches a field class on properly "rigging" a T5 parachute with Sgt. Dangel as the subject, with Pvt. Wiley, Sgt. Horton and Lt. Learman watching. Sully WWII Weekend, 2009.