Seunghwan Lee (Hwan),

Contact :

You can download my CV here->CV.pdf

I'm now in Stanford University as a postdoc. Please visit TML lab.


Hello, I'm Seunghwan Lee (Hwan). I'm interested in understanding, analyzing, and reproducing human movement via physics simulation, but I'm also open to discussing research topics in Computer Graphics, Robotics, and Biomechanics. I have worked on the simulation and control of the human musculoskeletal system as a part of reproducing real human behaviors. In the meantime, I also dedicate myself to reproducing flexible human motions to external perturbative forces from the surroundings. I'm used to using articulated rigid body simulation, finite-element-based soft body simulation, numerical optimization, and reinforcement learning with deep neural networks.


Anatomically Detailed Simulation of Human Torso, SIGGRAPH 2023 (to appear) PDF YouTube

Deep Compliant Control, SIGGRAPH 2022 PDF YouTube PPT

Scalable Muscle-actuated Human Simulation and Control, SIGGRAPH 2019 Project PDF YouTube Github

Dexterous Manipulation and Control with Volumetric Muscles, SIGGRAPH 2018 Project PDF YouTube PPT Code

Volumetric Muscle Controller(Poster), SCA 2017 Link

Ntracer Visualizer, B.S. Thesis 2016

nTracer Visualizer

Undergraduate Work

Ray Tracing

Fluid and Rigid Body Simulation

Cloth Simulation

Cloth Simulation


2022 -

Postdoc at Stanford University, Computer Science

Advisor : Karen Liu

2016 - 2022

PhD at Seoul National University, Computer Sciences and Engineering

Advisor : Jehee Lee

2012 - 2016

Undergraduate Student at Seoul National University, Nuclear Engineering