CVPR 2013 Tutorial on Large-Scale Visual Recognition

Sunday, the 23rd of June - Full day (8:30 am - 5pm) - Oregon ballroom 204
     Florent Perronnin  

 Ondrej Chum
Czech Technical University

Zaid Harchaoui

 Herve Jegou

 Florent Perronnin
Xerox Research
Primary organizer
and contact

 Marc'Aurelio Ranzato
Google Research

 Andrea Vedaldi
Oxford University

Tutorial goals
This tutorial addresses Large-Scale Visual Recognition (LSVR), the problem of understanding visual content (e.g. photos or videos) on a large-scale. This is a topic which has received much attention in the computer vision community in the last few years: as larger datasets have become available [TFF08, DDS09], handling millions of images and thousands of label classes has become the norm rather than the exception [DBL10, WBU10, LRM12, DCM12, JPD12]. Since LSVR is a vast topic, we will mainly focus on two tasks: image retrieval and image classification.
The goals of this tutorial are three-fold:
  • Provide the audience with the "tools" to process such large datasets.
  • Show the convergence between large-scale retrieval and large-scale classification, two problems which have been traditionally addressed separately.
  • Show that LSVR does not necessarily require massive computational resources (although such resources can help, of course...)
The tutorial is complemented with free publicly available software:
 The tutorial will consist of short talks (1h or less) each one covering a specific topic, and each one given by a recognized expert in his field.
 Here is a list of references.