About me

Laura Sarah Sasportas

I am a biomedical engineer with a broad range of interests across entrepreneurship, biotechnology, biopharma and medical technology. I have experience developing methods and products for applications in biomedical research and development, both in academic and pharmaceutical industry settings.

With a strong engineering education, I bring 10 years of research experience in medical and molecular imaging and 9 years of research experience in molecular and cellular biology, cancer biology, small animal models and microsurgery. As a scientist on the Lead Development Platform at Novartis, I was in charge of imaging-based cellular assay development for high throughput screening. During my PhD at Stanford University, I have acquired 6 years of academic research experience in the field of Circulating Tumor Cells and 4 years of part-time experience as a consultant for early-stage start-up companies in the life sciences area.

I am a very creative person who thrives in collaborative, interdisciplinary team environments. I am passionate about innovative medical technology development and addressing unmet needs in healthcare. I recently co-founded the start-up company XeroDry, a medical device solution addressing the need of moderate to severe dry mouth. As a Project Manager at Oxbridge Biotech Roundtable (OBR) Consulting, I am currently leading a team of 7 students and postdoctoral consultants advising biotech start-up companies and early stage technology developers. As part of the founding class of Accel Innovation Scholars (AIS) at Stanford, I am also focusing on technology commercialization, opportunity evaluation, and entrepreneurial leadership.


Ph.D., Bioengineering, Stanford University, expected 2014
M.Sc., Biomedical Engineering, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich), Zurich, Switzerland, 2007
M.Sc. (Diplome d'Ingenieur), General Engineering, Ecole Centrale Paris, Paris, France, 2007

Where am I now?

I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Bioengineering at Stanford University. Mentored by Prof. Norbert Pelc and Prof. Sanjiv Sam Gambhir, I am currently conducting my thesis work in the Gambhir lab, at the Molecular Imaging Program at Stanford (MIPS), working on novel molecular imaging strategies for cancer detection and therapy.


A native of Strasbourg, France, Laura Sasportas completed her multidisciplinary engineering curriculum at Ecole Centrale Paris. She was then selected for the T.I.M.E. (Top Industrial Managers for Europe) master-level double degree program, Europe's leading network for the training of bi-cultural and bilingual engineers. In 2007, she obtained a Master of Science in Engineering from Ecole Centrale Paris and a Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) in Switzerland. At ETH Zurich, she specialized in Bioimaging, in particular Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Molecular Imaging. She conducted her master's thesis at the Center for Molecular Imaging Research, (Massachussetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School) in Boston, MA. In 2008, Laura Sasportas worked as a scientific associate at the Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research in Basel, Switzerland, at the Center for Proteomics Chemistry on the Lead discovery platform in the team of Dr. Juergen Reinhardt.

She was awarded a Fulbright Science and Technology Fellowship in 2008 to pursue her doctoral studies in the PhD program in Bioengineering at Stanford University. Laura is now working at the Molecular Imaging Program at Stanford (MIPS) in Dr Sam Gambhir's Multimodality Molecular Imaging Lab. Her thesis is aimed at developing a novel molecular imaging tool to track circulating tumor cells in real time in the vessels of living animals. She hopes that her work will help provide a better understanding of the mechanisms by which breast cancer spreads throughout the body that will improve early detection of cancer metastasis. While at Stanford University, Laura became involved in the French Stanford Student Association since 2009. As the president of the association she helped promote French culture at Stanford through social and cultural events for students and affiliates, some of them in partnership with the Science Division at the French Consulate in San Francisco. She also served a student coordinator in the bioengineering department in 2011-2012. Laura is now a consulting Project Manager at Oxbridge Biotech Roundtable, a student-led association providing pro bono consulting advice to start-up companies.