Freshman Women's Choir - 6th Hour

Our 2017-2018 Freshman Women's Choir has an enrollment of approximately 68 singers.  The Freshman Women’s Choir is a select auditioned ensemble.  The Middle School Choral Director recommends the singer for the choir.  It is a two-semester course in which the student may earn one unit of Fine Arts credit.  The curriculum is designed to further develop the singing voice, ear training, sight-singing skills and competency in reading three and four part voicing.  Phonetics of various languages and a variety of musical styles are presented.  Work includes singing exercises to build and strengthen the voice, improve diction, breath support and resonance.  Music Theory and Music History are also included in daily instruction.  Sight-singing technique is practiced on a daily basis.  Additional work includes singing in small ensembles, written tests, singing tests, and required evening performances.  Early morning or evening rehearsals will also be required.