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Northern Lights Acts

*We are proud of all students who auditioned.  The audition was based on tone production, intonation, breath consistency, pitch discrimination, sight singing, and daily rehearsal participation.

Event Choir Conflict Form:
Fill out this form for the events that you have conflicts.  The goal is that we are able to work out all conflicts. 

Choir Conflict Form

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Lee’s Summit North School Song

“Crimson Banner” 

To Lee’s Summit North our voices raise 
In songs of honor and of praise, 
Beacon of integrity
Forever we shall sing of thee.
Wave the Crimson Banner high,
Pride and loyalty draw nigh. 
Spirit, friendship, unity 

We’ll cherish for eternity.

Lee’s Summit North Fight Song

“Lead on Broncos” 

Lee’s Summit North we’re behind you Fighting all the way, 

Marching ever onward We will win this game today Rah!  Rah!  Rah! 

North Bronco spirit Fierce and strong and true 

Fight for the Broncos Lead on Broncos Show the world what we can do