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August 2008


Members:  R. Schmidt, H. Bauer, E. Hollingsworth, R. Beckwith, C. Lewis, G. A. Rauh

 Guests:  M. McKinley, G. Winkler, N. Damaso

 July Bass Tournament – The winners were in the 17 pound range with the four fish limit. Most tournament anglers stubbornly refuse to remove small bass (less than 12 inches), as the committee requests, claiming that the age-old catch and release methods are best.  They reject the recent recommendations from the Missouri Conservation Department that were sent to us following the May electrofishing survey.  Without the assistance of the tournament anglers, it will be impossible to meet the recommended goal to remove 30 less-than-twelve inch bass per lake acre per year.  Therefore, in reality, we are managing the Big Lake as a lunker bluegill lake, rather than a lunker bass lake:  that should make the panfish fishermen ecstatic.

New Dock at Island – Ralph Schmidt has two potential dock suppliers preparing a bid for the new south-of-island dock.  The committee discussed the excessive height of the recent newer docks, and the problem of getting in and out of small boats from those higher docks.  The new dock at the island will be six inches lower than those in Sugar Hollow and Eleanor.

Two Additional 2009 Budget Operating Expense Line Items – LDMC will submit two new line items, each at $1,000 – one for future rewards to be offered to find Marina vandals, and one for the towing of illegal boats from LSEA property.

Pavilion at Robin Hood Park – Architectural drawings of the 18 X 20 foot pavilion to be built at Robin Hood Parkwere received from an architect chosen by Bill Richardson of the ACC; some clarification is necessary before sending the drawings out for construction bids.  If a pavilion can be described as aesthetically pleasing, this one should approach that definition.  All interior structure will be clad with cedar paneling— birds will not be able to find a perch and poop on the four tables.  The structure is planned for completion in the late Fall.


Activities of LDMC During LSSC Open House Sept. 21 – Several committee members are willing to offer to pilot their pontoons for visitor scenic boat rides on the Big Lake;  several members are willing to BBQ hot dogs.  The committee will be prepared to answer requests from LSSC.


Lake Patrol Proposals for Rule Additions and Modifications – Mike McKinley, one of the Lake Patrol employees, asked to address the LDMC with his suggestions for new boating/swimming regulations.  Those suggestions, along with the LDMC initial response (in parentheses), are as follows:

1.        [A crude map and illustration was supplied by Mr. McKinley]  All watercraft should approach the island from the west to reach the south swimming /dock area.  A potentially dangerous situation exists, caused by a watercraft – with towable or not – moving against/across traffic flow and attempting to reach the swimming area circumscribed by conical buoys south of the island.  (LDMC response;  NO change.  The situation described is atypical – attempting to modify existing rules would create an exception to the established watercraft flow pattern).

2.        Permit towables to start 25-50 feet behind buoys – boats must be in front of buoys.  (LDMC response – OK)

3.        Permit 2 swimmers in water at island swim area for beginning skiers/tubers to set up for a tow.  (LDMC response – NO   The only safe and recommended open water for towing setup is just north of Gabion Park docks).

4.        Keep an abridged copy of rules in patrol boats for handouts;  Security to hand out when stickers are purchased.  (LDMC response; OK to the patrol boat handout, but a full set of Volume III must be handed out when stickers are purchased).

5.        Swim platform size should be defined.  Inflated platforms should be OK if they do not extend beyond the docks.  (LDMC response – NO    All swim platforms effectively expand the footprint of the dock owner on the community’s water surface.  This is an exception that is unfair to all other property owners).

6.        Docking lights should never be used on the main lake for driving lights – blinds other boaters.  (LDMC response – OK)

7.        “Swimmers” is not defined [25 feet from boat and 50 feet from private properties]. Does that include swimmers with life jackets, noodles, mats, etc ?  (LDMC response – A swimmer is a swimmer, noodle or not.  Swimmer assist devices are considered part of the swimmer).

8.        Do not allow two people in the water in the main channel and/or behind buoys unless the boat is properly and legally anchored.  (LDMC response -- Unclear and must be further explained.  Existing rules prohibit anyone swimming in the main channel – if what is meant by main channel is the boat lanes in the 60 acres of 30 mph max water).

9.        Tubes and ski ropes must be properly stowed unless boat is rescuing a fallen skier. (LDMC response – OK).

10.     Define skier and anyone being towed on a ski, tube, wakeboard, etc. – (Committee ignored this line at the request of Mr. McKinley).

11.     Horsepower is not directly responsible for erosion.  What and how people tow is responsible.  (LDMC response – Faulty premise rejected.  Large horsepower plus the mass it pushes and the speed at which it is pushed are responsible for erosion –towing is incidental).

12.     Dropping a ski should be prohibited – [this was a verbal addition to the list by Mr. McKinley].  (LDMC response -- NO    Dropping a ski has been standard practice for 40 years at Lake Sherwood, and there have been no problems).

Mr. McKinley also showed the LDMC a condensation of the LSEA rules that he had excerpted from Volume III.   He added two amplifications of those rules by adding verbage that he had taken from the Handbook of Missouri Boating laws and Responsibilities, as follows:

1.        A rule pertaining to persons not being permitted to ride on the bow, transom or gunwale.

2.        Four rules pertaining to skier-down flags.  This would result in four additions to existing rules in LSEA volume III.

Mr. McKinley said that he had given the one page condensation that he had authored to the other Lake Patrol personnel for distribution to boaters that they confront or wish to inform.

Mr. McKinley had not given the LDMC a copy of his proposed rule additions and modifications prior to the August meeting.   For that reason, the committee could give only a knee-jerk response rather than a considered answer to each of his proposals.  The committee promised to do a more thorough study before the next scheduled meeting.  After initial perusal, it appears that Mr. McKinley has proposed 8 new rules, 5 existing rule modifications, and one policy change.

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