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      Lakes Management Service, Inc. spent a full day on June 30 on Sugar Hollow and Marion Lakes. They planted almost 500 beneficial aquatic plants, including water willow, square stem spikerush, pickerel weed, mud plaintain, water lilies, and arrowhead. These are test plantings; some of the plants are in circular wire enclosures (“crop circles”) to prevent predation by beaver, muskrat, and grass carp. Depending upon the success of these plantings, the program may be expanded to other lakes.

       If the plants adapt to the water conditions in each lake and thrive, they will improve the health of the lake. (No invasive species of aquatic vegetation was introduced). The establishment of these plants adds oxygen to the water, clarifies the lake, and provides habitat for the protection and reproduction of multitudes of invertebrates and small fish. In some cases the plants bear very attractive flowers, like the blue multiple blooms of pickerelweed, or the yellow blossoms of water lilies.

      The improvement of fishing -- for all species of fish --would be the result of establishing a thriving population of aquatic plants in every lake where they can be coaxed to grow.

GAR  7-19-08