Lake Sherwood

Lakes, Dams And Marina Committee

6/17/08 STOCKING

Guiding the Lake Sherwood community to provide a superior lake environment.


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          L.D.M.C. has stocked 35,000 Golden Shiners proportionate to the acreage in all 6 lakes. Lake Sherwood will be receving about 24,000 the remaining 5 lakes will get aproxmatly 200 fish per acre. The fish sizes will be between 2" up to 5"

Golden Shiners are the staple food for most of the game fish stocked in the lakes.

Stocking the lakes with golden shiners was determined after a recomendation by the Missouri Deparment of Conservation.

If you would like to learn more about the Golden Shiners you can look them up on the M.D.C.'s web page or by clicking on this link