Social Studies

Eckelhoefer Economics Project
Investopedia - your source for investing education
JobStar Central
- Salary Information
MapQuest -
maps, driving directions and more
MoneyWiseTeen - get on the path to financial success
United States Census Bureau Home Page -
helping you make informed decisions
Vanguard -
learn more about mutual funds, IRAs, stocks and bonds, exchange-traded funds, 401(k) accounts
YellowBook -
nationwide source for yellow page and white pages information
Hurnes Links
Palo Links
History Study Center - great information for the Civil Right's Children's Book
Way Back - Stand up for your Rights
Encyclopedia Britannica-Elementary School Version
Library of Congress -American Memory Collection

Stip Links

Ms. Van Cleave Links
Semester Project Links
ProQuest Search SIRS Knowledge SourceHistory Study Center and Platinum Plus (use specific issue or right as a search topic)Encyclopedia Britannica Online Search for specific issues or right

Vega Links
Semester Economics Project

Jobs and
10 Best Jobs for College Students - US News & World Report -  find a part-time job
C4Yourself - access to benefits
California WIC Page -

CareerBuilder.Com - Find a better job here.
Career One Stop -  a U.S. Department of Labor-sponsored Web site. The best site for career info.
CareerZone California - find out what job you might like
How to request a letter of recommendation
Monster.Com - Career searching---"Life is too short not to enjoy what you do every day."
Occupational Information Network - information on all kinds of careers
Occupational Outlook Handbook - the government resource. Excellent.
Riverside County Department of Public Social Services

Riverside County Foodstamps Page
Riverside County Medi-Cal Page -Low cost health insurance
Yahoo Hotjobs
Buy a car
Allstate "Ballpark" Insurance Quote - be sure to choose BALLPARK QUOTE and don't enter any personal information!

Auto Insurance Premium Comparison - provided by the State of California and only for select Honda and Toyota vehicles
Auto Trader - Used Cars, New Cars, Buy a Car
Bank Rate - calculate your auto payments - Buy new or used cars, research prices, find auto dealers
Cars - CarsDirect is your #1 resource for car research and pricing information on all makes and models.
Car Max - the way car buying should be- new and used cars
Edmunds - 1966-2010: Where smart car buyers start.
Kelly Blue Book -The Trusted Resource for Automobile information
Online Auto Insurance Quotes - no personal information required -make up a name and address
Rent an Apartment
Apartment Guide - Riverside apartment page - Riverside rental page
California Digital Library - University Websites and thousands of archival pictures, interviews,
maps, historical documents
California Page - Librarian's Index to the Internet, librarian-selected resources
Controversial Issues research sources
Debate topics - International Debate Education Association
Public Agenda - helping Americans understand and explore critical issues
Social Issues - from the Multnomah Public Library

Decade Information News by The Decades
20th Century by Decade - information on all phases of life during the decade from
Decades -60s - 80s  - year by year
Decades in Twentieth Century America - presented by the Alameda County Library
Decade Search Library of Congress Collections
20th Century US History - South Plainfield Public Library (New Jersey)
Economics and Franchise information
Britannica Online - World's best English-language encyclopedia
Business Page -
Librarian's Index to the Internet, librarian-selected resources
CIA World Factbook
- research country information and facts for investments
Country Economic Briefings - The Economist
CultureGrams - the best country and culture information on the Internet - World News and current Hot Topics

Franchise Information -information about starting up a franchise
Information Please - Country Economic Statistics
International Monetary Fund -Information By Country
Market Watch - market and fund data, charts, annual reports from The Financial Times

Nation Master - country comparisons and statistics, high rated by BBC and NY Times
ProQuest Platinum - more than 2,000 magazines, journals and newspapers, most full text
Statistical Resources on the Web - Foreign and International Economics
United Nations Statistics Division - Statistical Databases by Country
What are stocks and the stock market all about?
- AmeriTrade investment encyclopedia
World Bank - Data and statistics on countries and regions

Yahoo Finance - stock market symbol lookup, historical stock prices and charts
The First Amendment Center/Constitution
Debate topics - International Debate Education Association
Public Agenda - helping Americans understand and explore critical issues
Social Issues - from the Multnomah Public Library
House.Gov - Official US House of Representatives site
Senate.Gov - Official US Senate Site
White House - Official Executive branch site
State of California - Assembly - official state assembly site
State of California - Senate - official state senate site
State of California - Governor's Office - official Executive branch site
University of Michigan Document Center -  a central reference and referral point for government information
- statistics from the US federal government
Nation Master - country comparisons and statistics, high rated by BBC and NY Times
Public Agenda
- Helping Americans Explore Today's Issues
Statistics links selected by librarians.- Librarian's Index to the Internet
General Collections
American Memory Collections- Millions of Primary Documents from the Library of Congress
CIA World FactBook- information on the countries of the world
Countries - complete information about countries from Library of Congress
Eyewitness to History - personal accounts from Ancient Rome to 20th century. Great primary source
Fact Check - Annenberg Political Fact Check: don't assume those statistics are right, check it out for yourself
International Relations and Security Network - Center for Security Studies, Geneva, Switzerland
18th and 19th centuries - important historical events, links to websites
Guilder Lehrman Institute of American History - primary source documents and resources from US history History Page - Librarian's Index to the Internet, librarian-selected resources
How to Run for President - Step by Step, how to get to the White House
Nation Master - country comparisons and statistics, high rated by BBC and NY Times
Society and Social Science Page - Librarian's Index to the Internet, librarian-selected resources

Greek and Roman History and Greek Mythology

Ancient Greece - people, gods, culture
Ancient History Sourcebook- important historical events, links to websites
Daily Life and Civilization - very user friendly, full of information
Greek Gods and Goddesses
- Encyclopedia Mythica
Greek Mythology Today - provided by
Thanasi's Olympus Greek Restaurant
Gregory Flood's Roman Gods and Goddesses
Internet Ancient History Sourcebook-Rome -  links to many sites with much information about ancient Rome
Holocaust Page -
Librarian's Index to the Internet, librarian-selected resources
Implicit Association Test - measure your attitudes about others
National Holocaust Memorial Museum -
documentation, study, and interpretation of Holocaust history
Remember - Art, photos, poems, and facts about the Holocaust
Map Collections
David Rumsey Map Collection - from one of the largest private map collections in the world
Hargrett Rare Map Collection - from the University of Georgia
Internet Resources in Maps and Cartography - a list of links from the library at UC Berkeley
Map Collections 1500-2004 - from the Library of Congress
Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection - from the University of Texas
Yale Online Map Collection - from Yale University

InfoTrac World History Resource Center -Napoleon
Napoleonic Guide
The Napoleon Series
PBS Napoleon

Native Americans
Choctaw Legends and Stories
Native American Nations -
Information and links to individual native nations
Multnomah County Library Homework Center- Native American Sites - Hundreds of links to Native American sites
Myths and Legends for American Indian Youth

Native American Bedtime Story Collection
Native American Mythology
Native American Myths and Folktales- Open Directory

Tribal Index- Index of Information about Native American Tribes

New Deal
New Deal - information on the program, people, pictures of that period of history
Success and failures of New Deal - a chart with good and bad of each agency.
Document Library - look at the index, choose the program, and read all about it

Political Cartoons
Cartoon Analysis - a worksheet to evaluate cartoons
Contemporary Cartoons - many different cartoonists - done thematically
Dr Seuss - World War II Political Cartoons
Herblock's cartoons - cartoons from the 20's through the 90's

Oliphant's cartoons - wonderful cartoonist of the 20th century
Political Cartoons and other images - Antebellum - 2000s - Authentic History Center
Political Cartoons - The Library of Congress
WWI Political Cartoons - John Peterson
Progressive Era
Gilded Age and Progressivism - hundreds of websites with many interesting pictures and sources.
Progressive Era - many sources not usually found. Excellent site.
America's Story - great sources, light subjects, covers more recreation, literature, etc.
Nazi Propaganda
- with English translation
Propaganda Postcards of the Great War - propaganda of World War I
Poster War Virtual Exhibit - Allied Propaganda Art of World War I
Soviet Propaganda Posters - some with English explanations
Stefan Landsberger's Chinese Propaganda Poster Pages - with English explanations
The Chairman Smiles - Posters from the former Soviet Union, Cuba, and Chin

The Renaissance - primary documents, maps, timelines and more
The Renaissance: History - by Internet Shakespeare Editions

Renaissance, the Elizabethan World - Great site to start a search for information about the Renaissance.
Renaissance Links on the WWW - links are arranged by categories
Renaissance - searched by The Librarian's Index to the Internet

Riverside, California history
Frank Miller biography - from City of Riverside web site
March Air Reserve Base - California State Military Department
March Air Reserve Base - official home page
March Field Air Museum - includes history of March Field
March Field Museum - museum collections
March Air Field Story - Air Force Fact Sheet
Mission Inn history - official hotel web page
Mission Inn History - from the Historic Traveler web site
Mission Inn History - Hands on History
Riverside County History - history and early photos from USGenNet
Riverside County Biographies - from the California Genealogy and History Archives

Russian Revolution
Alexander Palace Time Machine - everyday life in a Romanov palace
Joseph Stalin Quiz - quiz from SparkNotes on Russian dictator's life

Pre-revolutionary Russia game - make the teacher walk the plank
Russian time line quiz - Get the sequence right!
SparkNotes -The Russian Revolution, 1971-1921

Senate and House Information
Almanac of Policy Issues

Congressional Research Service [CRS] Reports: Military and National Security
Fact Check - Annenberg Political Fact Check: don't assume those statistics are right, check it out for yourself
Federal Government WWW Servers
Gateway to Federal Government Statistics- statistics from over 100 US Federal agencies
Global Policy Forum
Government Page - Librarian's Index to the Internet, librarian-selected resources
Health Policy Issues: The Kaiser Foundation
The Heritage Foundation: Policy Research and Analysis
Issues Index: U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Law Library of Congress
Moving Ideas: The Electronic Policy Network
National Center for Policy Analysis
Official Handbook of the United States Government
On the Issues: Every Political Leader on Every Issue
Policy Resources for Congress: The Rand Corporation
Political & General Columnists
Project Vote Smart: Issues and Legislation
Public Agenda: Explore and Understand Critical Issues
Social Issues: Information Resources On the Web
Social Science Resources: Chico High School Library
Thomas Legislative Branch Internet Resources
Thomas Legislative Information on the Internet
United States Foreign Policy: Univ. of Mich
United States Senate Home Page
United States Senate Reference Home Page
Travel Warnings: world problems

World Wars
Atomic Bomb Decision -
Wars and Conflicts Page
- Librarian's Index to the Internet, librarian-selected resources
World War I - all phases of the war
World War I - posters, postcards, propaganda
World War I  - huge amount of information, complex site
World War I Document Archive - covers personal stories, pictures, medical sites, etc.
World War II - posters, propaganda
World War II battles - brief but inclusive information on major battles and people
 involved in the war.
World War II Eyewitness reports - first person accounts of important battles and events of World War II
World War II battles - once you know the year the of the battle you can find lots of different information about it