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Terry the Terrible Teacher Centre for Education and Training- ESL activities
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Bernard Amazing Virtual Race
Downer's "To Build a Fire" Project
Wilderness Survival Skills
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American Literature


Controversial Issues research sources

Crucible Web Quest 

Salem Witchcraft Hysteria Experience - presented National Geographic  

Salem Witch Trial Artwork - presented by The University of Virginia

Hollywood Blacklist - political persuasion and control in Hollywood
Genre Reasources
Great Expectations Web Quest 
Great Gatsby Web Quest
Literary Movements and Time Periods  

Literary Movements and Information - presented by Littlestown High School  in PA  

Maya Angelou Webquest 





Meaning of Names 

African-American Baby Names-brief meanings of names  

Aztec and Mayan Names – brief meanings of names 

Baby Name Locator – find meanings, origin and similar names 

Behind the Name – the etymology and history of first names 

Foreign "Given Name" Cross-Reference – what is your name in other languages  

Frequency of Male and Female First Names – from U.S. Census Bureau, 1990 census  

Get your own Chinese name – based on your current name and chosen characteristics 

Hidden Message in Your Name – Decide for yourself 

Meanings of Names – brief meanings and origins of names  

Name Meanings –from Andy the Name Bender  

Naming Practices & Patterns for Countries & Cultures – helpful in tracing your ancestry  

Popular Baby Names – Check the year YOU were born




Ancient Greece - has myths, culture, people

Encyclopedia Mythica - all mythologies, with articles and links

Reading Lists 

ALA's Outstanding Books for the College Bound 

California Department of Education Recommended Literature (K-12) 

Great Books List - an index to Online Great Books in English translation

Literature and Books - Librarian's Index to the Internet  

New York Public Library - book lists page  

Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth

Shakespeare's Life and Times

Mr. William Shakespeare  

Elizabeth I - all stages of her life. Excellent information