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Mission Statement: As cheerleaders and representatives to all students in Livonia Stevenson, we dedicate our abilities and we pledge our efforts to generate unity, to promote enthusiasm, to instill school spirit and to demonstrate good sportsmanship in the Livonia Stevenson community and among all with whom we interact. 

Philosophy: At Stevenson High School we expect the best of our athletes.  We believe that cheerleaders are role models among the entire student population, and as such, should maintain a strong focus on academics.  Furthermore it is crucial that our athletes exhibit responsibility, integrity, respect, caring and honesty, whether or not they are in uniform or on school property.  You will find being a cheerleader is a huge responsibility that requires strong motivation and dedication and rewards you with success and pride.

About Our Program: The cheerleading program at Stevenson carries a tradition of excellence and enthusiasm. We promote players who desire to reach not only the Varsity team, but the Junior Varsity team as well. We encourage our athletes to participate in camps, tumbling classes and clinics to develop skills, build strength and endurance. For both our sideline (fall) and competitive (winter) seasons, the majority of freshman will be placed on the freshman team, though several freshman will be placed on Junior Varsity along with several sophomores, and few Juniors. Freshman spots are very limited to the varsity team as the varsity team holds its high roster with a combination of Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors. Our sport is very conditioning intense and we practice 3-5 days a week for 2-3 hours. The girls learn the advanced tools and the ability to stunt and tumble safely, as well as promote school spirit and develop a healthy sportsmanship for competition.

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