LSE EC501 Theory Reading Group is organized by LSE Department of Economics PhD students in order to gain better understanding of economic theory. In particular, it follows STICERD Economic Theory Seminar and reads into the relevant/background papers presented there. This page contains materials from 2011/2012 academic year.

Michaelmas term

06/10/2011 Soenje Reiche (Cambridge)

Bilateral Trading and Renegotiation (joint with Robert Evans)

Suggested readings:

Maskin, Moore - Implementation and Renegotiation

Presenter: Can Celiktemur, presentation

13/10/2011 John Moore (LSE)

Leverage Stacks and the Financial System

Suggested readings:

Gertler, Kiyotaki - Financial Intermediation and Credit Policy in Business Cycle Analysis

Gertler, Kiyotaki, Queralto - Financial Crises, Bank Risk Exposure and Government Financial Policy

Presenter: Melania Nica, presentation

20/10/2011 Max Bruche (CEMFI, Madrid)

Walking Wounded or Living Dead? Making Banks Foreclose Bad Loans (joint with Gerard Llobet)

Suggested readings:

Maggi, Rodriguez-Clare - On Countervailing Incentives

Presenter: Francesco Palazzo, presentation

27/10/2011 Francesco Nava (LSE)

Efficiency in Repeated Two-Action Games with Local Monitoring (joint with Michele Piccione)

Suggested readings:

Kandori - Social Norms and Community Enforcement

Presenter: Oliver Pardo-Reinoso, presentation

03/11/2011 David Dillenberger (University of Pennsylvania)

Models of Subjective Learning (joint with Philipp Sadowski)

Suggested readings:

Gollier - Economics of Risk and Time (chapter 25)

Takeoka - Subjective Prior over Subjective States, Stochastic Choice, and Updating

Presenter: Francisco Costa, presentation

10/11/2011 Christopher Tyson (Queen Mary)

Behavioral Implications of Shortlisting Procedures

Suggested readings:

Manzini, Mariotti - Sequentially Rationalizable Choice

Lleras, Masatlioglu, Nakajima, Ozbay - When More is Less: Limited Consideration

Tyson - Salience Effects in a Model of Satisficing Behavior

Presenter: Ana McDowall, presentation

17/11/2011 Juuso Valimaki (Aalto University School of Economics)

Learning in Contests (joint with Robin Mason)

Suggested readings:

Bonatti, Horner - Collaborating

Malueg, Tsutsui - Dynamic R&D Competition with Learning

Presenter: Min Zhang, presentation

24/11/2011 Muhamet Yildiz (MIT)

A Structure Theorem for Rationalizability in Infinite-Horizon Games (joint with Jonathan Weinstein)

Suggested readings:

Weinstein, Yildiz - A Structure Theorem for Rationalizability in Infinite-Horizon Games

Chen - A Structure Theorem for Rationalizability in the Normal Form of Dynamic Games

Presenter: Sebastian Kodritsch

01/12/2011 Philipp Kircher (LSE)

Assortative Matching with Large Firms: Span of Control over More versus Better Workers (joint with Jan Eeckhout)

Suggested readings:

Eeckhout, Kircher - Sorting and Decentralized Price Competition

Presenter: Delger Enkhbayar

08/12/2011 Navin Kartik (Columbia)


Suggested readings:

Presenter: Patrick Blanchenay