clamsmtp rbl

 clamSMTP is  lightweight anti virus smtp proxy. You can put it in front or back of your smtp server. But if you run it in front of your smtp server and relay traffic back to your original smtp server, you cannot use any rbl server. Because your original server only see the clamstp server ip. To overcome this problem I wrote a patch for clamsmtp version 1.9 . This patch adds a new option to clamstmtpd.conf called RBL. It gets a  parameter, address of the rbl server. For example,


option tells the clamsmtpd server to check incoming connections against spamcop rbl servers , the ones which are not authenticated to send email against given rbl server.

Download patch clamsmtp-1.9rbl.patch

Howto patch clamsmtp:

# tar zxvpf clamsmtp-1.9.tar.gz

# cd  clamsmtp-1.9

# wget

# patch -p1 < clamsmtp-1.9rbl.patch