Meet Faye Nichols

Faye Nichols, Higher Education Consultant and Test Preparation


ACT/SAT Prep business 30 years          
B.S. in Education,  M.A. in Education
Award-winning published author
Former full-time Instructor and learning support counselor
     at Jefferson State Community College and Bessemer State Technical College
English and reading tutoring service for 35 years

My Master ACT coaches are exceptional teachers in their specific subject areas who have developed an expertise in ACT coaching through years of experience in my ACT program.


- M.A. English, B.A. English, B.S. Secondary Education, former high school and university English instructor. 

  ACT English coach

- M.A. Education; B.A. Speech/English/Secondary Ed; Secondary reading specialist, Gifted Ed. Dept. Chair, 

  Writing Coordinator, former High School and Middle School teacher.  ACT English and reading coach

- M.S. Math, B.S. Math; former university instructor and private school math teacher. ACT math coach

- PhD, B.S. in Mathematics, university professor. ACT math coach

- B.S. Math, minor in computer science.  ACT math coach

- M.A. School Counseling, B.S. Secondary Education, former High School and Middle School teacher, Orton

   Gillingham trained, Dyslexia tutor. ACT reading coach

- M.A. Elementary Education, Mountain Brook system. ACT reading coach and assistant

- M.B.M., B.A. Biology. ACT tech support, ACT science and reading coach

- M.A. Secondary Education, B.S. Sociology, high school science instructor. ACT science coach

- PhD Secondary Curriculum and Instruction, Minor in Science Education, Minor in Educational Foundations, 

  M.S. Science Education, B.S. in Science Education, former high school and university science instructor. 

  ACT science coach

- B.S. Electrical Engineering, math minor. ACT business administrative assistant, ACT math/science coach

Even though our instructors are qualified to coach all levels of instruction in their subject areas, some specialize in reaching students who are beginning with scores below 19.  Others specialize in coaching classes where students have beginning scores between 28-35.  Because students enter this program with different levels of proficiency, we offer instruction and assignments based on these different levels of need.