There are just a few spaces left for our WORKSHOP THIS SATURDAY that prepares for
                the February 9th ACT test.
             (See all prep options on the class schedule page.)
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What can students expect in our Scholarship level Comprehensive and in our next level Ultimate course?

E.Y. of Opp                      24-31                     J.D. of Vestavia          32-34                  L.S. of Pelham                 31-35                          

S.G. of Calera                  23-31                     S.W.                            29-32                  S.G. of Evangel                21-31

A.B. of Hoover                27-31                     W.H. of Mtn. Brook   26-31, 32             J. S.                                  32-35

M.H. of Indian Springs    28-31                     F.D. of Homewood    30-33                  H.P. of Westminster          29-33                                           

 C.P. of Vestavia               30-33                     C.D. of Lamar, MS    31-33                  J.T. of Altamont               28-31

T.S. of Oak Mtn               30-34                     S.R.                            27-30                   L.B. of Indian Springs     31-32

 W.W.                                31-33                    S.C. of Mtn. Brook    31-34                   A.C.                                  32-33 

A.N. of Oak Mtn.             27-32                     B.F.                            29-31                   L.N. of Vestavia               27-32

N.S. of John Carroll         33-35                     D.A.                           27-31                   M.F.                                  28-30

J.S. of Oak Mtn                30-33                     C.M. of Helena          23-30                   D. H.                                 28-32                   

A.D. of Cornerstone         28-31                                                      


We offer the following test-prep options that have given thousands of students success on test day:
    - We evaluate all information that you supply and determine which course and level of course is best for each student.

Small Group Options:


  •  20-hour course taught on THREE levels of instruction - beginning, intermediate, and scholarship
  •  Placement of students based on previous scores and other criteria
  •  Review, Instruction, Testing and Strategies for all subjects tested
  •  Coaches are assigned according to their expertise with certain levels of students.
  •  Includes mock test


ULTIMATE COURSE  (Live ond/or online)

  • 20-hour course
  •  Next-level course for high-scoring students who have mastered Faye Nichols' Comprehensive Course.   Comprehensive students scoring below 25 should contact Faye for other options.  We analyze all registration information and advise each student concerning the BEST prep option available.  (Scholarship Comp, Ultimate, private instruction, or a combination). 
  • Students scoring 27 or above who have NOT taken Faye Nichols' Comprehensive Course almost always score higher in the Scholarship Comprehensive course than in Ultimate. Let us advise you.
  •  *new material, additional strategies, much in-class-testing with immediate analysis usually push Faye Nichols Comprehensive student scores 1-4 points higher than scores achieved in Comprehensive course. 
  • Some score gains from recent ULTIMATE students:   31-33,  31-32,  28-29,  29-32, 29-30, 30-33, 31-33,  26-28,  25-29,  28-31, 24-27, 27-29,  28-32.

  •  20-hour course
  •  LAUNCH: Designed & Introduced this spring to reinforce essential English, Math, Reading, & Science skills tested on the ACT. Perfect for 10th grade students just beginning formal ACT prep.  LAUNCH will promote greater success in the classroom, in Comprehensive classes, and on the ACT test.

Other Options:


  •  ACT test strategies and instruction by Master ACT coaches in ALL subjects tested
  •  Practice and application of concepts and strategies
  •  Includes mock test


  •  Four 1-hour sessions of  ENGLISH
  •  Four 1 hour sessions of  MATH
  •  Strengthening foundational skills tested on the ACT and SAT - Beneficial for students scoring below 30 in English or math.
  •  May be taken before or after COMPREHENSIVE class.



Most students do NOT need private coaching and thrive in our leveled classes.  PRIVATE COACHING is available to students who have schedule conflicts. Some students, HOWEVER, are not scoring at the level of their potential and need SPECIALIZED TUTORING. My assessment identifies specific skills that are missing and the best approaches for teaching those skills. Then I recommend the tutor and corrective steps for that student’s success.


PROFESSIONAL  DEVELOPMENT                         

ACT test prep workshops to guide teachers and counselors

Faye Nichols