Now offering Live and Online COMPREHENSIVE COURSE options for the Spring and Summer ACT tests.

Register now for our upcoming classes that prepare for the July 17th ACT in addition to the Sept, Oct, and December national tests.  Both in-person and online options are available.

Click here for the updated Class Schedule  and all prep options.

*******  Faye Nichols’ ONLINE  four-week courses provide STRUCTURE & FLEXIBILITY:

                DAILY STRUCTURE & SUGGESTED SCHEDULE FOR viewing, testing, analyzing, reporting scores.

                MOTIVATION & ACCOUNTABILITY so students connect with teachers, stay on task, finish strong!******

Other Options:


  •  ACT test strategies and instruction by Master ACT coaches in ALL subjects tested
  •  Practice and application of concepts and strategies
  •  Includes mock test


  •  Four 1-hour sessions of  ENGLISH
  •  Four 1 hour sessions of  MATH
  •  Strengthening foundational skills tested on the ACT and SAT - Beneficial for students scoring below 30 in English or math.
  •  May be taken before or after COMPREHENSIVE class.



Most students do NOT need private coaching and thrive in our leveled classes.  PRIVATE COACHING is available to students who have schedule conflicts. Some students, HOWEVER, are not scoring at the level of their potential and need SPECIALIZED TUTORING. My assessment identifies specific skills that are missing and the best approaches for teaching those skills. Then I recommend the tutor and corrective steps for that student’s success.


PROFESSIONAL  DEVELOPMENT                         

ACT test prep workshops to guide teachers and counselors

Faye Nichols