Chapter Meeting

October 20, 2014: LSBFSCPL Minutes 

1.  MEMBERS PRESENT: Marcia Poms, Edie Abendschan, Janet Cole, Jean
Schaaf, Lynette Clark, Marilyn Noto, Virginia Taylor, Virginia Henry,
Cindy Jackson, Ellie Van Houten, Lesli Min.

2.  MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING:  Lynette moved the minutes be  approved,
Marcia seconded and the  motion was approved.

3.  FINANCIAL REPORT:  The treasurer reported a $1,000.00 donation from
the Solari Foundation and an online book sale donation of $14.95
contributed by Jean Schaaf. Total funds as of Sept. 30 were $36,220.09
with potential funds available of $31,220.91.

4.  The LSB history book project by Jean Schaaf has been completed and
copies were brought for members. Cost of production was $1,145.43.  Jean
has already sold some books on ebay for a total of $28.39.  The new book
is titled "La Selva Beach Looks Back in Time." We look forward to selling
the books at the November book sale.

5.  Cindy reported additions to the library including a new Self Check
Kiosk, and nine new books and three new movies for the Browser Shelf.

6.  Discussion of the November Book Sale including pricing as follows: $2
for all items with the exception of childrens books and coffee table books
as marked and pocket books and cassettes at 2 for a dollar. It was decided
to set up books using metal bookends instead of boxes to display the
books. Cindy will buy the bookends.

7.  A thank you event at the library for donors is being planned for the
near future , outside of regular library hours.

8.  The next meeting will be on November 17th  at 3:00.

Ellie Van Houten, secretary


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