Chapter Meeting

Agenda  November 16, 2015  LSB Friends

A.  Review and approval of October 19, 2015 Minutes.
B.  Financial Report:  Lesli
C.  Current Projects
    1.  Noll and Tam -- Berkeley architects -- proposal clarification?

2.  Latest info from LJPB

3.   Email contact with Teall Messner - local architect

4.   Book Sale Sign ups--  where are holes?  review sign up sheet with manual additions

5.  LSB Open House 5:30 - 7pm on Tuesday, Dec 1st

Invitations -- by email and USPS,  Cindy and Lesli

Table cloths, paper goods --  Ellie and VA Henry, but CJ has paper cocktail size                 holiday for drinks table

Food -- who is willing to bring plate of finger appetizers or cookies

        Review guest list --

        Drinks -- CJ will buy wine (less than last year!) and sparkling cider (more than last                                     year!)

           What else?

          D.  Projects to put on Calendar?  What else?

                    1.  Possible Spring event re:  sustainability?

E.  Housekeeping Issues

      1.  Volunteer Liability Forms for library -- those that haven't completed yet

 F.  Save the dates:

        November 20, Friday, 11am, Mr. Holmes @ the library

        November 21, Saturday, November book sale

        Tuesday, Dec 1,  Open House 5:30-7:00pm


October 19, 2015.    LSB Friends of the Library

1. Members present: Cindy Jackson, Virginia Taylor, Lynette Clark, Marilyn Noto, Deborah Jacobson, Marcia Poms, Barbara Lambert, Virginia Henry, Margie Bowles, Ellie Van Houten, Kelli Sebastian, Lesli Min, Dottie Smith, Barbara Rhodes
2. Minutes of the last meeting: Margie moved and Virginia seconded the motion to approve the minutes of Sept 21 meeting. The motion passed.
3. Financial report: Lesli reported that the beginning balance was $47,263.85. Donations totaled $100. Two LSB booklets were sold for $12 and online book sales were $52.97. Expenses totaled $110.93. The balance as of September 30, 2015 was $47,317.89 with potential funds available being $43,033.15
Lesli also reported that Jean sold three books on EBay.
4. Noll and Tam: Cindy will clarify with Noll and Tam that we will receive an overall scheme including a floor plan. She will send this to the County to make sure there is no duplication of plans. It was also questioned whether the $9,190 estimate from them includes their plans for the second phase. Several members also suggested getting estimates from local firms.
The parcel tax was also discussed, with Cindy reporting that each district will decide how to allocate the funds, if it is passed.
5. Sandy Shores: The members who attended this event reported that despite a low turn out, it was an enjoyable event. Suggestions were made for a more prominent display in the library for future events. A discussion about what kind of display and where it would be placed will be continued later.
6. Reading Comprehension: Margie reported that she had two students last Wednesday, and that four are scheduled for next Wednesday. Cindy asked for suggestions for Tales to Tails, which is struggling.
7. November book sale: Cindy will send out the sign up genius email the first week of
November. The book sale is scheduled for November 21st.
8. Open House. It was agreed to host a second annual Open House for those who have helped the LSB library. It will be on December 1st.
9. Sustenance event: La Selva resident Nanda Currant has suggested an event for the LSB Friends with Patrice Vecchione. Details have yet to be decided, but it would concern sustenance of the body and soul. Discussions will continue.
10. Next Meeting: November 16th Barbara Rhodes, secretary


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