Google Earth Resources

Examples and Inspiration
Mapping novels with Google Earth
Google Lit Trips
Language Diversity Detroit Metro Area
Hayakunnin Isshu - Japanese poetry
History of Islamic Architecture
BBC News feed
What was there - traverse time and space viewing historical photographs geo-tagged to GoogleMaps.  Created in Ann Arbor!

Person Finder: Haiti Earthquake Crisis Response

Google Earth on multi-user table top display with voice commands

How-tos and Help Guides
Google Earth website and Google Earth for Educators
Google Earth Community - searchable archive of kmz files with informational placemarks layers created by aficionados, content experts and the  K-12 Google Earth Education CommunityLook here before creating your own! and Google Earth Education Community
Create a narrated tour
Historical Imagery resources
Google Earth Spreadsheet Mapper - importing and plotting data sets
Google Earth API
Free Udemy Course on Google Earth for Educators

Collaborative Google Maps

LRC Workshop webpage - quickstart and links to educational examples