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SLC Peer Study Group Management

Submitted by Leah Warshaw, Science Learning Center

Over the last two years the SLC Study Group Program has incorporated Google tools into our operations in several important ways.  The Study Group Program employs 200-250 undergraduate students as leaders each semester to three full-time staff members, so communicating with them effectively is a challenge.  We have our leaders fill out a variety of Google forms for start-of-term study group scheduling and one-time scheduling requests and study group roster changes throughout the term. We also recently started using a Google form for our leader application.

In addition, each leader has their own Google spreadsheet that’s been formatted into an Activity Log, Study Group Attendance Log and Agenda Log.  For every study group, leaders upload an agenda with their plans for that session and then record their attendance after meeting.  This allows them to keep this information in one place that is accessible anywhere with internet access.  It also allows the SLC full-time staff to monitor each group to a certain extent since it is impossible to visit even a fraction of them in person on a regular basis.

The Activity Log is compared to the hours that they enter on their Wolverine Access Timesheets each pay period before those hours are approved for payment.  Since we cannot monitor our study group leaders’ schedules directly, this is an important way to ensure that their hours and pay are accurate.

Sample screenshots from the user guide in the presentation that follows:

Please contact Leah with questions or to discuss implementation.

SLC Peer Study Groups