Blogger is an easy, low-end blogging platform, often used by courses that want to include a regular online writing component for their students.
It allows tagging, static pages, widgets, in-depth customization of themes, multiple authors, privacy options and the ability to embed media.

Sample Cases
  • In Fall 2011, Professor Phil Deloria (History, American Culture) used Blogger with his UC256 course: 22 Ways to Think About Food.  Originally, students were placed into groups and each group had control of their own blog where the students could post assignments, thoughts and comments about class material and their own experiences.  Later in the semester, the class consolidated into one large blog instead.



  • For several semesters in a row, visiting Professor Graham Griffith used blogs in several of his Communications courses, including Journalism During Crisis and Digital Media and Democracy.  Each student in the course had their own blogs which they used to write entries about their reflections and research on a variety of topics.  The blogs were linked to the course site so that each student could easily access their classmates' work.  Sample blog


  • Moblogging and Vlogging: 
    When studying the cultural topic of marraige, Pinderjeet Gill's Hindi students invited members of the community to phone-in experiences and opinions on the topic of love marriages vs. arranged marriages, using a third party service, Hipcast, which automatically posts phone calls to a blog. In a very short time there were 32 testimonials!  Students listened to the testimonials to inform their own opinions, which they posted as videos.
  • International Exchanges.  Students in Johanna Eriksson's  Swedish 233 exchange information, photos and videos on cultural topics and everyday life with students at the Frigymnasium Campeon in Helsingborg, Sweden. Information learned from international peers is then incorporated into student projects.
  • Internships and Study Abroad.   Rachael Criso coordinates the Internship course for the French Program and CIBE Eurasia.  Instead of submitting a weekly, private email to Rachael, the students now post their experiences and tips on living abroad to their peers.  Dominique Butler-Borruat, Residential College,  connected students preparing to study in Aix-en-Provence with those already on site. GIEU travel-study groups and those on International Institute programs also maintain blogs to chronicle their learning experience abroad.   

Instructional and help guides
ISS Blogger Guide
More information about blogging
Notes from the Pedagogical Blogging Sessions at Enriching Scholarship 2010

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