creations from the studio

on Rocking Chair Mountain

beadwork, dolls, book arts, folk art sculptures, miniatures, paintings and other whimsies by Ruth Rocchio

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WELCOME to my galleries!

 On this website you will find things I created from 1991 until the present. Something is always under construction in my cozy studio, be it a fiber project, beading or pages in my visual journal. The cats are often busy reorganizing or sleeping on my materials, but I am convinced their input only improves the final outcome.

Here you can see my little cat, Padma, sleeping upon the beading mess. This picture was taken in late December of 2007. 

In the studio I am surrounded by items that inspire and engage my creativity. Like all good crows, I have hoarded alot of very shiny things - glass beads of many sizes and types, gemstone strands, crystals and single stones, fabrics, yarns, threads, paints, clay, wood...well, you get the picture. As a mixed media artist, I let the idea and the feeling guide my inquiry and go from there.

The offerings shown in the following gallery pages are varied and eclectic - a reflection of the restlessness and inner wanderlust of my creative spirit. I hope you enjoy my work. 

   This is Cyber-Padma, the guardian of my website!






Lucky deigns to pose with me here - what a sweetie!


 Index of pages:

Beadwork Gallery One

Beadwork Gallery Two

Beadwork Gallery Three

 Beadwork Gallery Four: Bracelets

Folk Art Dolls

Beadwork Gallery Five: new stuff

Beadwork Gallery Six

 If you are interested in the goddess healing doll project, go here for the first page:

doll project

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