goddess healing doll project...
Stage one of the creation process: select beads, cut pattern, begin beading

Here you can see my pattern laid out on folded ultrasuede, ready to cut out and start beading. Below, I have cut it out, leaving an edge, that will be carefully trimmed off. The doll is about four inches tall, and in a wedge or arrowhead shape.


Here are the back, front and pattern piece - note they are all the same size.

Here you can see the colors and kinds of beads I was considering in my design.

Here I am trying on focal beads. I end up choosing a different arrowhead as you will see below. As of today, this is where the project stands. I have used some circular peyote stitch to embellishe the focal beads, but the rest is simply couching - sewing in a the obvious lines by putting on three beads and going back through four, endlessly repeating things. I call this piece In the Spirit of White Buffalo Calf Woman.


So far I have used size 11's and Charlotte's (size 13) seed beads, as well as some small turqoise cylinders from the Sleeping Beauty Mine. As the rows of beading are added, they will press against the ones next to them (and give it all) a more uniform appearance.

OKAY, I have been working hard, here are a couple of pictures, the second one is where the piece stands now.

My son has pointed out that it is in the shape of a canopic jar like the ones  ancient Egyptians put the vital organs in for transport to the afterlife after mummification. This was all unconscious on my part, as dolls like this one tend to have their own will and I simply follow along. The turquoise on the back of the doll is a broken bead given to me by a friend who was trying to shape it - it represents how I am healing my own broken insides by keeping them under a nice pretty band-aid for now, hence the peyote and netting stitches.

THE WORK OF MY HEART AND HANDS:creations from the studio on Rocking Chair Mountain