Taking up Target Shooting

The entry point to our club's probationary membership would be either as the guest of an existing Full Member, or for you to attend one of our half-day Probationer Taster sessions on a Saturday morning. Read about the course and book online here >>>>

These courses are popular and are often fully booked months ahead, so early booking is recommended.

After you have attended that initial training, you will be able to start attending the club as a Probationary Member. During your probation you will be supervised whenever you are shooting, and you will be given a programme of training in firearms safety, gun handling, and target shooting. Your probation cannot be shorter than 3 months, and you will need to have attended the club on at least 13 occasions, and have passed a on-range safety assessment, before you may apply to the Committee for election as a Full Member.


Club competitions are free to enter and always going on.

No-matter what your current level, there will be others to compete with. Ask the range officers if you'd like some 1-on-1 training - the best way to get better is to learn to shoot properly.

Have a look at what we shoot.

Important Notices

Nothing - happy shooting!

Club Calendar

See the calender page for range officer lists and details of regular events.